About me.


So I am proudly Canadian (no, I do not live in an igloo and no, I do not own a polar bear). I love books and will read pretty much everything. My favourites are:
the House of Night series
Harry Potter FTW!
The Luxe series
Pretty little Liars
The Notebook
The Hunger Games series
and a bunch more I can't remember.

Some of my favourite movies:
Pulp Fiction
Harry Potter (of course)
The Hangover
Employee of the Month
Mean Girls
When in Rome
Stick It
and so much more

My favourite shows:
Vampire Diaries <333
Pretty Little Liars
Criminal Minds
Make it or Break it
Dance Moms
Breaking Pointe
Modern Family
The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon's my idol)

Music; I listen to anything from all genres so I don't really have a specific taste. Whatever sounds good, I listen to, like:
Foster the People
Mumford and Sons
Lady Gaga
The Killers
Maroon 5
The Black Keys
So yeah it's a really random taste in music. Feel free to suggest any songs you like! I'll probably like it too!

My favourite sports:
Gymnastics <3
Tae Kwon Do

Some random facts about me are that I love making people laugh and I love things that make me laugh. My favourite animal is the platypus and I hope that one day it will be legal to have one as a pet. I daydream a lot and I like to imagine what my life could be like in the future. I'm a bit of an overachiever and I like to excel at everything. My favourite subjects are: Chemistry, English, French and History. I'm also really good at math but it's not exactly one of my favourite subjects. My favourite colour is purple and I love, love, love to travel and explore the world.

Feel free to message me!! You might just make my day :)