If you listen closely tonight, you can hear the sound of every white girl in a hundred mile radius drawing cat whiskers on their face.
The worst class to have a bad teacher in is math, amirite?

English sucks with a bad teacher :/ english was always one of my favourite subjects but my teacher this year just ruined it for me

You wouldn't mind getting a clever tattoo, amirite?

For a second I thought that the converse tattoos were on the thighs of a fat woman upside down... They're feet though right?

It's kind of weird when you start to wonder who started the tradition of clapping...how did hitting yours hands together ever become associated with appreciation, amirite?

In some middle eastern countries, giving a thumbs up is equivalent to giving the middle finger...

When you saw someone ugly in a textbook when you were younger, you'd point them out to your friend and say "look, that's you", amirite?
"Manuscript" is probably the classiest place to hide the word "anus.", amirite?
"Manuscript" is probably the classiest place to hide the word "anus.", amirite?
@deeviant Class aside, Uranus still reduces me to childish giggles every single time (ashamed)

"I saw Uranus through a telescope"

I still cannot say that phrase with a straight face.

It doesnt matter how long your weekend is, monday always comes sooner or later, amirite?
It's annoying when party food is made to look cute but it tastes meh, amirite?
It's awkward when you ask your waiter/server what they recommend, and what they recommend sounds bad, so you order something else. Amirite?

They always seem to recommend the most expensive items on the menu...

The movie adaptation of a book should never add characters, amirite?

Pretty Little Liars the tv show is completely different than the books as well. It's still a good show but kind of annoying how there are so many new characters.

When you make a joke and nobody laughs you pity them because they are obviously below your intelligence level since you are such a hilarious mofo, amirite?

Straight up.

Blackberries are the Myspace of cell phones, amirite?

I guess that would make iPhones the Facebook of cell phones...

After years of training, hard work, and determination, you can finally say you have the same number of Tour de France medals as Lance Armstrong, amirite?
@Neil Armstrong*

Last time I checked, you can't win Tour de France medals by visiting the moon...

At some point or another, you've felt like a complete outsider, amirite?
@jraaey I love being a greaser.

Stay gold Ponyboy. Stay gold.