People complain too much on airplanes. like "For real? I cant get hi speed internet?! AND MY CHAIR DOESNT LEAN BACK!" .... "Dude, you are sitting in a chair... IN THE GOD DAMN SKY!", amirite?
@Montana I only get 8 fucking peanuts?!

You get fucking peanuts? Lucky! I only ever get sexually inactive peanuts...

If age is just a number and marijuana's just a plant then jail's just a room, amirite?
Just cuz ima girl that means I cant burp, act childish, dress down in sweats or be loud, amirite?

Just because you're a girl doesn't mean you're exempt from proper English.

On TV, when something really, really embarrassing happens to the main character, everyone forgets about it in about a week. But in reality, it can haunt you for years to come, amirite?

Unless it's an embarassing picture of you at a Christmas party that your best friend keeps in his secret box...

"It's not over till the fat lady sings." Well, then Harry Potter should've ended after the third book, amirite?
English teachers could over analyze the book the Cat in the Hat, amirite?

The Sneetches (where some has stars on their belly and some didn't) is about racism!

I do all my addition in my head. It's the thought that counts, amirite?

That's sum crazy stuff!

"Via" is pronounced "vee-uh" NOT "vie-ah", amirite?

Its actually "Wee-ah", from the Latin word meaning road, and the Romans pronounced V's like W's

Amirite's logo should change to a fluorescent lightbulb on earth day, amirite?

That's a bright idea!

That whole "Snakes on a Plane" fiasco could've been prevented if someone was smuggling mongeese.Amirite?
If you "like" someone's status 20 seconds after they post it, you're considered a creeper. If you "like" it after 20 hours, you are also considered a creeper. amirite?
You feel kinda special when a famous person is from where you live. amirite?

I used to live in the same neighborhood as Michael Phelps

Watching track is just watching sweaty people run in circles, amirite?
@Magestic_merman I'm in track, and I agree completely... It sucks to watch :P

Sucks even more to run it, just stay in shape til cross country...

The reason MM/DD/YY is superior to DD/MM/YY is that we can't celebrate pi day with the latter, amirite?

i was about to say the 31st of April. But then I remembered...