So, she's fat?

Sometimes you just wish that everyone else could live your life for a day. Just let them see for once that a smiling face doesn't mean theres no pain, an up beat personality doesn't mean everything's fine, and a working body doesn't mean it's not broken, amirite?

I'm pretty sure other people have it way worse than you do. Maybe you should live one day in their lives, so you can be grateful for everything you have.

You hate it when your parents compare you to other kids, amirite?

With a passion

If you see a Jewish Mexican. You have seen everything. amirite?

There are plenty of Jewish Mexicans. It's not that uncommon.

Nobody is born with a certain personality, it's the way that you grow up that makes you who you are, amirite?

I disagree. If you depended only on how you grew up, then in theory, you and your brother should have the same personality.

You get excited when the song your whole pandora station is based around come on pandora..amirite?

I don't get it

Everytime You Watch Tv And There's An Evil Person Or Something And They Do Something Wrong You Always Feel Like Knocking Them Out From The Tv. amirite?

Why do you capitalize every single letter in the post? It's annoying.

You didn't know that today is my birthday, amirite?

This is the kind of post that gets homepaged?

dolphens are NOT gay sharks, dolphens can kill sharks. Sharks FEAR dolphens, amirite?

What's a dolphen?

Why do car companies release the next year's model a year earlier? amirite?
You HATE the wink face on msn, amirite?
Why do car companies release the next year's model a year earlier? amirite?

Wait. Isn't it "rascal"? And I have no idea what skedaddle means, or why would I push a hoop with a stick. English isn't my primary language, so I'm not so familiar with lingo or whatever that is.

@Runy It would appear I'm a very lucky person.

Yeah I always wake up after the good stuff too.

Stars really shouldn't complain about their lives. They act like it's so hard and the press is on them all the time but they should try working a real job, earning a real paycheck that corresponds with their work and living with normal standards, amirite?

Maybe his dad's "pharmaceutical" companies are actually meth labs so that's why he won't tell us. O:

Surprise sex is the best thing to wake up to in the morning. Except when you're in prison, amirite?

Wow, this is so original and creative. How did you come up with this?