How to ruin someone's life. Step 1: Post on facebook that your mom died. Step 2: Post in the comments section that you were kidding and got grounded for this. Step 3: Wait for someone to comment and say "you deserve it". Step 4: Delete your previous comment. amirite?

Hahahaha that's epic dude.

Sometimes you just wish that everyone else could live your life for a day. Just let them see for once that a smiling face doesn't mean theres no pain, an up beat personality doesn't mean everything's fine, and a working body doesn't mean it's not broken, amirite?

I'm pretty sure other people have it way worse than you do. Maybe you should live one day in their lives, so you can be grateful for everything you have.

So, she's fat?

Wearing brand name clothing shouldn't make you "better" or more "popular" than other people. Wearing a shirt sewn by your grandmother probably has better or equal quality than a shirt bought at 'Hollister' or 'Abercrombie and Fitch', amirite?

While the example you gave is true, and Abercrombie clothing doesnt have great quality, it doesn't apply to all brand clothing. There are some stores like Banana Republic where you are paying for the quality, and their clothes are pretty cool.

But I hate people who judge others by what they wear.

I know why they call it Post of the Day. It's because the acronym is POTD, and if you sound that out, it sounds like "party", which is what a Post of the Day is, amirite?

Yeah, no. Doesn't sound like party to me

You can not judge a person that is pregnant if you have had sex yourself, amirite?

That's like saying you can't judge a killer if you've ever fired a gun.

Guys: If you had testicular cancer and the fastest cure was a painful kick in the balls, you would probably pick chemo therapy, amirite?
@LamWin Getting kicked in the balls isn't as bad as TV portrays it. It can hurt quite a bit and you get angry at the...

If you get kicked really hard, the pain can last for hours, and it will hurt when you pee for a couple of days. Still, it would be nothing compared to chemo.

Chandler Bing could not BE more awesome, amirite?

Chandler is by far my favorite character in the series.

If you see a Jewish Mexican. You have seen everything. amirite?

There are plenty of Jewish Mexicans. It's not that uncommon.

Let's create a sport men and women are equally good at so they can compete together.

Men and women are different, therefore creating a sport where they are equally good is practically impossible.

Nobody is born with a certain personality, it's the way that you grow up that makes you who you are, amirite?

I disagree. If you depended only on how you grew up, then in theory, you and your brother should have the same personality.

You didn't know that today is my birthday, amirite?

This is the kind of post that gets homepaged?

Stop pretending to shoot yourself in the head with the gun you make out of your fingers. People really do commit suicide, and it is disrespecful to their memory, amirite?
Mind always thinks according our environment, And evaluating results after comparing all available factors, taken time to evaluate problem depends on quantity and quality of factors, to reach a closer & correct result it is important to left all unneccessary factors, And it is possible only then if there is an experience or broader mind. amirite?

Trying to read this gives me a headache.