A man rode into a town on Friday, he stayed 2 days then left on Friday, how did he do it? Using a highly complex device from the future, he created a supermassive black hole which caused a rip in the space-time continuum thus creating a wormhole that transported him 5 days into the future, amirite?

This is impossible. If today is Friday then yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards. You need to have a talk with my fried Rebecca.

you almost never use periods in a senctance while txting anymore. you only use them for awkward pauses. you us 'lol's to end a sentance, amirite?

This is like the big boss that a grammar Nazi has to fight at the end of a poor grammar correcting game.

You know you've hit rock bottom when you are eating holographic meatloaf every night for dinner, amirite?

You haven't hit rock bottom... You've hit Bikini Bottom.

There's no way it was an "accident" that the Earth magically formed by itself and had oxygen, water, sunlight, and humans who "accidentally" were made but coincidentally had reproductive organs, brains, and body parts perfectly arranged so that we could move and breathe and think. Why couldn't God just have done all that stuff on purpose? amirite?

I think a problem with this argument is because people will say that Earth is so perfectly suited to our needs that it doesn't make sense that it wasn't created for us. But I think that it's twisting the theory of evolution. The whole point is that we evolved to fit this Earth. Yes, that means Earth is suited for us but EARTH CAME FIRST. So we were the ones made for Earth. Through evolution.

You know you've hit rock bottom when you are eating holographic meatloaf every night for dinner, amirite?
@Handsy I've hit rock bottom before, i was on my way back from glove world, and my bus driver got irritated with me... :(

I pbbth can't pbbth understand pbbth what you're pbbth trying pbbth to pbbth tell pbbth me pbbth pbbth pbbthhhhh.

Comments on any post: Someone says "ha so true!" Grammar Nazi says something like "You made an error with the passive voice preceded by an adverb." Wannabe says "you're*". Amirite celeb makes a witty joke (+79, 14 loves). Anon tries to argue; loses. Debbie Downer says her friend died by being hit by a javelin while playing water polo, so this isn't funny. Someone questions the post's validity, amirite?

My friend died from being hit by a javelin while playing water polo. This isn't funny. I think it's offensive.

There really is a lot of power in how you describe something. I mean, you could make something like baking a cake seem horrible, or WWII seem like it was nothing if you used the right words, amirite?

After I took the food that animals eat and crushed it up into power and mixed it all in a bowl, I took two unhatched defenseless baby chickens away from their mother and hit them against the side of the bowl. Once it had cracked I let the chicken fetus land into the powder mixture and carelessly tossed the shells into the trash. Then I got an eggbeater and plugged it into the wall which used up electricity that could have been put to use keeping the children living in poverty comfortable. I let the spinning tool of destruction beat the never to be born baby chickens. I then put the substance it created into a 400 degree box and then afterwards I devoured it and let the cake go through me digestive system.
I don't see what you mean. That doesn't sound horrible at all!

The most beautiful words in the English language are typically French. amirite?

Like buffet. But I guess any word that meant unlimited food would be beautiful to me.

Gay marriage should be legal, amirite?
<em>Authors note: This is for a report and I'd appreciate it if you could give me reasons why you think it should be legal in the comments. If I use your ideas you will be cited in my report.</em>

Gay marriage is still marriage. It is between two consenting adults. In the bible it also says that a wife is to "serve" her husband (or something along the lines of a husband being in charge) but how often do you see religious protests about how women's rights are unholy? And even athiests aren't given as much shit about going to hell as gays are. Equal is equal. It does not affect anyone and no one is forced to have a gay marriage in any way (in most cases I'd pressume). I think gay and straight couples should be equal in the most equal sense. If a straight couple can kiss in a Disney movie, I say a gay couple kissing should be just as socially acceptable. I don't think they should be treated at a higher standard and get special benefits for being gay but I think they should be given the exact same rights. You can't not hire someone because if religion so you shouldn't be about to not hire someone for their sexuality. Lastly I think people need to not use a person's sexuality to characterize a person. In tv shows and whatnot, a gay character isn't just a gay character. They're sexuality is the most mentioned thing about them and they're usually the comic relief which is silly.

How do you get a guitarist to stop playing? You put sheet music in front of him. amirite?

I misinterpreted this I guess. Until I read the comments I thought it meant guitarists did their own thing and played amazing music and didn't play within the bounds on sheet music. They always added their own twist to it so reading sheet music would make then feel restrained and refuse. Haha oh well.

It's crazy to think that in the existence of the English language, some sentences have never been said before, amirite?
You can tell if a girl has a good sense of humour just by feeling her boobs, amirite?

If you grab a girl's boobs. If she has a good sense of humor she'll laugh and be like "hahahaha wtf are you doing? xD" If she doesn't...well you run.

Even though you don't like black people in general, you have a lot of black rappers on your Zune, amirite?
How do you kill a vegetarian vampire? Stab him with a steak, amirite?
@Fine by me, I'm on Team Jacob anyway. :p

(<3 JBieber): Jacob's meat is the steak the vampire is being stabbed with.

It's kinda cool how the initials of Captain America are "CA", because it's called Captain America and CA (California) is the best American country, amirite?