Get rid of currency
We should find out if we have Amirite? neighbors. Comment with a state. Comments on comments will be cities/towns. Subsequent comments will be districts, streets, etc. amirite?

Time to get my rape on

McDonald habanero ranch burger beats McDonalds Angus and Sonics burgers, amirite?
How many outs in an inning?
What are some creative solutions to managing an aging population?

let them live and dont give a fuck...

Weed should be legalized and sold in stores
If you could go back and live through (or relive) any of the following decades, which would you choose?

the 90's because nothing beats shitting your pants and having people do things for you then growing up and being superior to any person born in any other generation #swag # yolo #90skid

What's next 60, 24, 7, 4, 12, ?
Mustaches are unattractive, amirite?
Communism/Marxism is superior to Capitalism

I hear North Korea is doing pretty good

Where Do You Play Most Of Your Video Games?

xbox/pc equally

Which Is The Funniest Of These Comedians?
Which ancient civilization would you like to visit the most if you could go back in time?