If we could ban guns, we would have world peace, just like all that peace we had before guns were invented, amirite?
@World peace will never exist as long as their are humans

The mailman knocked on my door yesterday so i killed him

Quality over quantity; remember 4 quarters is better than 100 pennies. amirite?

but if i have 100 pennies thats 96 more people i can throw things at

An e-book is no more inferior to a printed book than a hardcover is to a paperback, amirite?
Americans: We should paint the White House black and still call it the White House. That way all the other countries would be like "Hey, that house isn't white, why is it called the White House?", and then we can all have some good laughs as our economy fails, amirite?
Every time someone asks you what your favourite movie is, you forget every movie you have ever seen in your whole life, amirite?
Has anyone noticed that there aren't many play-places at fast food restaurants anymore? Probably because none of those kids chowing down on burgers and fries can fit through the tunnels, amirite?
those really puff guys must be banned from the gym, or at least get transferred to an upper class gym where only puff guys workout, i mean that's it guys you WON why the fuck do you keep on coming, amirite?

im so puff im cocoa

When stripping naked on a stage, the best thing to do is imagine the whole audience giving a public speech, amirite?
Guns should not be legal in America (or any other country), amirite?
@cheshire_cat Making something illegal doesn't make it go away

QUICK MAKE CARS ILLEGAL CAUSE DEY CAN KILL PEOPLE HERP DERP. better yet lets all sit in a white room wrapped in bubble wrap so we cant kill anybody with our hands. better yet lets cut off everybodies hands and feet cause they can kill people, better yet lets all become vegetables so we cant even move to kill some1 OH NOES MIND BULLETTS!!!!!!!!!!!! PEWPEWPEWPEWPEW

Online, if you're in a chat or something and you say you're from the United States, you're probably gonna get hated on... amirite?
I love how people call partaking in sexual things "sexually active." It is a nice cutesy way to say it but it reminds me of a game or something. Like when you lose your virginity a deep voice should come over a hidden intercom and say "Sex Life: ACTIVATED.", amirite?
@ScottyD I want this. Although, it would be disappointing to only get to hear once.

Once its activated erry time you had sex it could say "SEX MODE: ACTIVATED" and if your sex life is not activated it could say "JERK OFF MODE: ENABLED"

You find it weird that the first lady was on iCarly, amirite?

any one under 18 is technically a kid just sayin

Grinding babies into dust does not make baby powder, amirite?

of course not that would make baby dust you have to grind them to a nice powder cant be too fine cant be too coarse

A girl should be allowed to sleep over at her boyfriend's house if they're both almost 17, have been dating for over a year, have promised not to have sex until after high school graduation, have consistently proven themselves to be trustworthy, and would sleep in separate rooms, amirite?

Yes cause we should believe every promise a teen makes about sex to their parents

An e-book is no more inferior to a printed book than a hardcover is to a paperback, amirite?

A Hardcover book is far superior to a paperback book