Pewdiepie's awesome, amirite?

Pewdiepie is the worst youtuber out there by so much.

My best friend was given 2 tickets to a special Hunger Games premiere screening, but took her boyfriend instead of me. We're both mega-huge fans of the books, and he hadn't even heard of them. It's okay that I'm irritated, amirite?

If you were a real hunger games fan you should have offered yourself as tribute to go in her bf's place

Describe yourself in 5 words.

My mom thinks I'm cool.

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What makes you happy?

Posts I can vote on.

Where Do You Play Most Of Your Video Games?

"Should I put play station on here? Hmm. Nah. Motherfuckin' GAMECUBE!"

This was unexpected for Cartoon Network.
@TheShamWowGuy Well then your intellect must far surpass mine. Because it makes no fucking sense to me. So please, sir viczinc...

I would not say that. I find your posts and comments to both suggest that you are highly intelligent. I might suggest, if you haven't already, that you read The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference by Malcolm Gladwell.

Now I do not claim to have done it alone. Perhaps if I had chosen not to be a prick, the tipping point may well have still been achieved. I joined a bandwagon that many other prominent posters rode.

If, on the other hand, the tipping point had not been reached, we would be inundated with video posts that would require "a minute" here, 5-minutes there, 30 minutes later, and the pace of responding to opinions would have dramatically changed on Amirite.

By being a douche-bag, I (and other like-minded posters) helped get the word out that Amirite members were not interested in watching videos to discover the poster opinions. I find that the quality of video posts improved quickly and dramatically - maybe not because of my "prick"ish behavior, but maybe in part, because of it. So you are welcome, I was happy to endure much mud-slinging and hate for the greater good.

Existence Proves a Creator
Sometimes, when you're drawing, you just get lazy. Amirite?

You should work on the left side, it looks like shit.

Money. I gets shit done, amirite?
I think we may just living in a world of meme's & lost touch of individuality. It seems most people today have nothing important to say online other than a re-share of an image that ten thousand other people & their grandmother have already seen. Are we finally at a lose for words?

Amirite was once a place where that didn't happen.

The girl who ran away with her Math teacher didn't want an A+, she wanted the D, amirite?
The girl who ran away with her Math teacher didn't want an A+, she wanted the D, amirite?

"How many times does 30 go into 15?"

Nicki Minaj travels with her Nicki Entourage to get her Nicki Massage. Someone decided to Nicki Sabotage her and she wound up with a Nicki Barrage of paparazzi. This all could have been avoided had she not forgotten her Nicki Camouflage in her Nicki Garage, amirite?

this is so dumb that i think i will go rip out my intestines

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