Zach Galifianakis wouldnt be as funny if he didnt have a creeper beard, amirite?

more of a lumberjack beard, i think

You're able to go AT LEAST a year without being in a relationship, amirite?
It's always awkward when a fat person asks you to draw them, because you don't wanna draw them all huge, but if you draw them regularly they know you did it to not hurt their feelings. amirite?

i believe this belongs in an "artists only" category because it really doesn't apply to anyone else

Even though you know it's pointless to argue with random people over the internet, and you know you'll never meet them outside of that forum, you still do argue anyway. amirite?

It's not pointless. We discuss our thoughts, beliefs, and opinions. It's important to talk about those things, whether online or in person, because it helps us figure out how we feel about certain things and our perspective on life.

i don't think we consciously make the choice to stick our tongue out an make a funny face, that's just a natural reaction. I think it's an embarrassing thing to do, so I don't try to do it.

You know you have bad posture when you have a red line across your stomach from slouching for too long, amirite?

Or you're fat

Everyone's cheated on a test before, but when you see someone else cheat you act like it's the worst thing ever and you cannot believe they would do something like that! amirite?

I let it slide. In fact, I help people cheat. There's no true harm in it. I cheat so they can cheat if they want. I get annoyed when people get upset at others for cheating.

It's really how everyone finishes every conversation.

It's kind of weird that we say underwater. Wouldn't it technically be called inwater? amirite?

It's kind of weird that you're in my closet.

All the bad shit you hear about drugs makes you kind of want to try them, amirite?
@Cuban_B I'm not not advocating recreational drug use, but I think the average person is more likely to suffer from those...

taking the proper dosage of prescription drugs is not nearly as harmful as other drugs (including tobacco and alcohol).

are you saying that if Person A took only the correct amount of prescription drugs and Person B (same physicality, etc as person a) took recreational drugs, Person A will suffer more? Or are you trying to say that most people don't take recreational drugs, so the drugs they do take will harm them?

and I think your perception of prescription drugs is a little too slanted. they're not so awful that taking a regular amount causes a bunch of problems like brain damage, cancer, and heart disease.

All the bad shit you hear about drugs makes you kind of want to try them, amirite?

yes, because i'm dying (ha, pun) to damage brain cells, get cancer, have a heart attack...

Everyone should write "LOL" on Bibles because we all Love our Lord, amirite?

that won't get misconstrued at all...

You know at least one atheist, amirite?

me!!! and half of my peers...

The problem with having women in the military is that now you can't say they were attacked by 2,000 "men", amirite?

when was that ever a thing?

Girls: You hate it when your stomach sticks out further than your boobs, and people think your pregnant, amirite?

fortunately, my boobs stick out farther than my stomach.