Only losers don't have jobs, amirite?

Piss off! What about the losers that wind up in motorway service restaurants? :L

You love it when people spell favorite and color with U's, amirite?
Although we all laughed at the guy hyperventilating over the double rainbow, the world would be a better place if we all appreciated it as much as that guy, amirite?
I wish everyone thought the same in America as the people in the South do. Don;t take a dime if you haven't earned it, hardwork pays off and treat women like a princess. amirite?

I wish people in England thought like that too.

Squeeze your right thumb with your right hand. Stick your left finger down your throat. No gag reflex, amirite?

This is actually AMAZING.

The sky should never be your limit, that's what the edge of the universe is for, amirite?
@to bad there isnt one ;)

yeah it is a shame. but is also part of the point. you see, because the edge of the universe is never accessable or as your say doesn't exist, it means that you cannot be limited in any way.

Nobody uses "blind mode", amirite?

How do you switch off blind mode? I accidently clicked it.

It'd be cool if you could switch to "Blind Mode" in real life. amirite?

How do you switch blind mode off?! :L

Even if you are innocent, when a police officer or security guard gives you "the eye", you do a little poo in your pants, amirite?
It's sad that in this age of improved gender equality, us girls still have to queue ridiculously longer for the bathroom, amirite?
Blondes are dumb, amirite?

You are so wrong. I have a PHD in Quantum Physics joint honoured with Biochem. So, erm, kindly piss off!

Blondes are dumb, amirite?
Mosquitoes: How can something so small be so irritating!? amirite?

I had the same problem with my ex-boyfriend :L

Sometimes you walk around in public talking in a strange accent to see if you can pull it off without anyone noticing, amirite?
@WheatToast Pfft, I so didn't go to the store faking a British accent yesterday. I nailed it xD

Skill!! My personal fave is an Australian accent. I get the strangest looks but the other day someone from Sydney asked me when in AUS i was from. I am actually English! RESULT!

Blondes are dumb, amirite?
@FlowersAndRainbows I am blonde btw.

LOL. typical blonde moment forgetting to mention the key point of information. My Bad. As you were.