When the FBI burst through doors like that, do they ever think that some poor soul could be standing behind that door? amirite?

Like a baby...

Black people: it makes you sorta pissed when people that aren't black try to act like they are (i.e. saying nigga, listening to a ton of rap.) amirite?

Saying the n-word is inappropriate for anyone to say because it is a racial slur, you can not act like a certain color, music is for everyone no matter the genre , the , the personality you are referring to is annoying no matter what color you are & stop being racist.

NASCAR - Not A Sport Because Automobiles Race, amirite?

The people who think 'cause is more proper than because are idiots & need to pay more attention in school.

People have been typing it wrong all along. It isn't "your welcome", because no one has a "welcome". It's "you're welcome" because they "are" welcome, amirite?

It is "you're welcome" which is " you are welcome"

Threeve is your favorite number, amirite?

You think you're pretty smart, don't you, Trebek? What with your dago mustache and your greasy hair!

The fact that Miley is finding it hard between going to college and being in a movie in the last episode of Hannah Montana is sending a bad message to kids. amirite?

You watch hannah montana?

Why is it that when you buy Toms, a pair is given to a kid in Africa? I'm pretty sure they would much rather have food.. amirite?

There are parasites in the soil that cause Elephantasis. This parasite enteres through small cuts in the bottom of feet & causes enlarged feet/legs/privates. So the shoes help prevent this.

Getting married to have sex is like getting on an airplane to have peanuts, amirite?

Best part about first class, warmed mixed nuts :) mmm

It's hard to find a movie that doesn't involve the aspect of love. Think about it... amirite?
It's hard to find a movie that doesn't involve the aspect of love. Think about it... amirite?

The saw movies... no love, only scarring gore that enduces terrifying nightmares.

Spanking your child should not be considered abuse. amirite?

If spanking is not used in excess or too force full and the child is clear on what they are being punished for then it is not abuse.

Mouth breathers are disgusting. Amirite?

Whats worse than a mouth breather is someone who breathes through their nose & sounds like they have a bunch of boogeys in there and are incredibly loud. XP

BLM should not chase America's wild horses off their land. They use awful tactics and have killed over 40 horses not including the over 30 mares who have miscarried due too the stress & being forced to run by a helicopter. Then to add insult to injury, the land they were just chased off of is being distributed by BLM to cattle ranchers for grazing. This needs to stop. Amirite?
There are Blacks, and Whites, Asians and Indians. How come Blacks and Whites are identified by their colour? Why can't we say African Americans and Caucasians? Or why don't we say Yellows and Browns? amirite?

Do you mean Native Americans?
Because Indians are from India.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a puppy who is always excited to see you, cuddles with you at night, and will kiss you anytime (with tongue)? amirite?