You haven't actually read Harry Potter but the Twilight books are so good that there's no way HP can be better, amirite?

Get a life. twilight is crap.

Threeve is your favorite number, amirite?

You think you're pretty smart, don't you, Trebek? What with your dago mustache and your greasy hair!

If you're a ball flying through the air and he takes you in his arms, then he might be a keeper. Amirite?

It took me a sec to get it lol. :)

Give me the beat boys, and free my soul, amirite?

And when my mind is free melody can move me

NASCAR - Not A Sport Because Automobiles Race, amirite?

The people who think 'cause is more proper than because are idiots & need to pay more attention in school.

Spanking your child should not be considered abuse. amirite?

If spanking is not used in excess or too force full and the child is clear on what they are being punished for then it is not abuse.

How many teenage girls does it take to change a lightbulb? Eleven: one to change the lightbulb and ten to each take 200 photos of the event for facebook, clog up your news feed, and later on edit the pictures to black and white, amirite?

I've read this before, total plagiarism.

Saying "You're welcome" to someone for not thanking you, is way ruder than not thanking someone. amirite?

Especially when they don't even give youa chance to say 'thank you'.

You've never actually seen a cigarette ad aimed at kids. amirite?

Product placement in movies/tv shows.

The women who complain about how things like a man opening the door for a woman or a man paying for the movie on a date being sexist are usually more annoying than those who ARE sexist, amirite?

I know! all those things like paying for dinner or a movie, opening doors etc are not sexist, it is called being a gentleman.

It's a little nerve wracking to swim in a pond or lake, especially if you can't see the bottom. What if there's a megaladon? Or just a real big cat fish? amirite?

Easy now fuzzy little man-peach. :)

Girls don't mind being raped as long as the guy has an accent, amirite?
is it strange that Christians hate every other religion when their savior was Jewish, amirite?

Cristians do not hate other religions, extremists do & they are found in every religion. Do some reasearch before you say something.

Who needs a boyfriend when you have a puppy who is always excited to see you, cuddles with you at night, and will kiss you anytime (with tongue)? amirite?