Blind people probably don't appreciate tagless t-shirts as much as the rest of us. amirite?

Since the point of tagless clothing is to not feel the tag, I'm sure they appreciate it as much as everyone else.

Clits looking like tiny penises is something everyone decided to never talk about, amirite?

....except scientists and anyone with more than a baker's dozen of brain cells to rinse their ignorance in.

Spllenig deos not mtaetr bceuase you can atcaully raed aynhting as lnog as the frist and lsat ltteer are in tehir oiriganl palce, amirite?

Ecxpet you look lkie an iiodt if you cnat selpl peporlry.

Loud farts are your intestines exhaling heavily because they're upset at your choices. amirite?

So your are basically saying loud farts are butt sighs.

Whoever is deciding the ratio of the size of a jar of salsa to the size of a bag of tortilla chips is way off. amirite?

Tostitos makes two sizes of jars of salsa

Every human can jump like Lebron James. amirite?
Sometimes farts sound like questions, amirite?
There is no English vocab for grown kids of parents, amirite?
@Apellllll But isn't it weird to say, sooo how's your offspring doing?

Not really but if you find that awkward you could use their names

The expression 'nothing to be sneezed at' makes absolutely no sense. amirite?
@eegro I'm guessing you're Polish? lay one me B.

"Dobrze panie bobrze" - good (you) mister beaver

"Dobra to jest zupa z bobra" - a good one is a soup made of a beaver

I think these are The dumbest expressions

The Rabbit in the race against the Turtle has changed for the Rabbit being the underdog not the Turtle, amirite?
Attractive people telling unattractive people that looks don't matter is the same as rich people telling poor people that money doesn't matter, amirite?

Updoots do not matter.

Girls still taken mirror selfies like all dressed up but nowhere to hoe, amirite?

When all they ever feed you you is 'good girls marry and breed' it's hard to visualize being a fighter pilot. Or free of babies and whiny, needy men. Even today, it's a jump into darkness. When I was on active duty, it was an abomination.
If all you get rewarded for is being boner bait, that degree in nuclear physics seems only a dream.

Bunk beds are human shelves, amirite?

You weren't supposed to do that to my brain

'The last piece of the puzzle' is actually the easiest to find, amirite?

The man missing a piece from his puzzle: Am I a joke to you?

If you have an odd number of toes, you have an odd number of toes. amirite?

I have Siamese-twin toes, my first and second toes on each side are One, so I have an even amount of toes.