Every human can jump like Lebron James. amirite?
Whoever is deciding the ratio of the size of a jar of salsa to the size of a bag of tortilla chips is way off. amirite?

Tostitos makes two sizes of jars of salsa

All excercising is about is using gravity to your advantage. amirite?

More using it to your disadvantage and then overcoming it

There is no English vocab for grown kids of parents, amirite?
@Apellllll But isn't it weird to say, sooo how's your offspring doing?

Not really but if you find that awkward you could use their names

Blind people probably don't appreciate tagless t-shirts as much as the rest of us. amirite?

Since the point of tagless clothing is to not feel the tag, I'm sure they appreciate it as much as everyone else.

When porn stars undress in a video, they're actually getting dressed for their job. amirite?

This hurt me

The internet is 50% porn, 49% cats, and 1% useful information. amirite?

1% seems optimistic....
Also, you've forgotten the percentage that is people blogging about crap...

If you have an odd number of toes, you have an odd number of toes. amirite?

I have Siamese-twin toes, my first and second toes on each side are One, so I have an even amount of toes.

The expression 'nothing to be sneezed at' makes absolutely no sense. amirite?
@eegro I'm guessing you're Polish? lay one me B.

"Dobrze panie bobrze" - good (you) mister beaver

"Dobra to jest zupa z bobra" - a good one is a soup made of a beaver

I think these are The dumbest expressions

'The last piece of the puzzle' is actually the easiest to find, amirite?

The man missing a piece from his puzzle: Am I a joke to you?

Sometimes farts sound like questions, amirite?
In 20 to 30 years there will be nursing homes filled with old guys listening to heavy metal, amirite?

War pigs and ironman(1970) by black sabbath are 50 years old as is the immigrant song by led Zeppelin. Hallowed be thy name and fade to black by iron maiden are 36 years old. Nothing else matters by Metallica is 29 years old.

Point is I don't think we need to wait 20-30 years.

3 fried eggs = 4 scrambled eggs, amirite?
@johnsonsteeth For some reason 3 fried eggs feels like a much bigger meal than 3 scrambled eggs.

That's because you can't have fried eggs without dipping your toast in the yolks

3 fried eggs = 4 scrambled eggs, amirite?

I agree!

But maybe you have to add a little milk to the scrambled eggs..

Sometimes it's hard to figure out where the night ends and the day begins. amirite?

There's a giant fusion reactor outputting 384.6 yotta watts of power that usually shows up when it's daytime. It's hard to miss.