You can't claim to be against racism if you don't support homosexuals. People don't choose their skin color or where they're born, nor do they choose if they are attracted to the opposite or same sex, amirite?

There are three things I hate in this world, homophobia, racism, and the black faggot that lives down the street.

Hunger Game Readers: Admit it, you never really pictured Cinna as Black, amirite?

I pictured him to look like Ru Paul.

Putting chapstick on extremely chapped lips doesn't help. You just end up with less chapped lips and scratched chapstick, amirite?

Not all of us are spoiled brats who's parents buy us whatever we want, some of us have to work for it. I'm 14 and got my iPhone because I made good grades in school and my parents thought I was mature enough to handle having one and not break it.

It's weird how one moment you're an 8th grader at the top of the food chain only to be deemed 'the lowest of the low' a few months later in high school, amirite?

My county is so weird. We have Pre-K, then elementary school is Kindergarten through 5th, Middle School is 6th through 8th, but then it's weird because the 9th Grade is another school on its own but it's still considered high school, and then you have 10th through 12th at the high school building.

There is a special spot in hell for all the people hopping on the Tim Tebow bandwagon, amirite?
@TOMxRIDDLE Tim Tebow is actually a pretty good quarterback. Once he works on a few things, he could be a star quarterback with...

I'm not denying he has potential, but it's oh so very irritating to see the same people who trashed him while he was at Florida and his first season at Denver all of a sudden love him after a few good games.

"Intellectual badass" sounds way cooler than "Straight A Student", amirite?
Starbucks has misspelled your name at least once, amirite?

They misspell it every time, but I think when they spelled my name "Li-an" instead of "LeAnn", that was the strangest.

There is a special spot in hell for all the people hopping on the Tim Tebow bandwagon, amirite?
@TOMxRIDDLE Yeah. Like last week. All m friends on Facebook after his 1 play overtime drive began to root for Tebow when half...

And what's even worse is when all the bandwagoners are my fellow hardcore Georgia fans so they all HATED him when he was at Florida and now he's the second coming of Jesus.

love is hard to find these days when their doush bags, amirite?

Jesus Christ...this is quite possibly one of the stupidest things I've ever read. But the comments are hilarious.

I know its good exercise and everything, but, mowing the lawn on a 85 degree day really sucks. amirite?

I would kill for it to be 85 in Georgia during the summer, we rarely have summers that average less than 90.

For a man, getting the silent treatment from his wife or girlfriend is much more of a reward than a punishment. If you really want to punish him, talk nonstop about your feelings, your relationship, and your menstrual cycle. And if you're really feeling tortuous... talk about wanting a child, amirite?

I love Whitney Cummings! She's hilarious!

That grey streak in Stacy London's hair is really strange, amirite?
@Koa_Kaine It is kinda cool, but I wanna know what made her think, "Hey. I'm gonna put grey right there. That'll look good."

A grey streak in a woman's hair is usually natural. I know a woman with one and she says she's had it since she was a teenager.

Jet is a terrible name for a child, amirite?
It's not weird that if I ever have a daughter, I want to name her Rory. amirite?

Someone's been watching the Gilmore Girls reruns on ABC Family I suppose.