You can't claim to be against racism if you don't support homosexuals. People don't choose their skin color or where they're born, nor do they choose if they are attracted to the opposite or same sex, amirite?

There are three things I hate in this world, homophobia, racism, and the black faggot that lives down the street.

Im a girl, i love sports, and i couldnt be happier wearing gym shorts, tee shirts, and sweats as an outfit, why do people feel the need to criticise the way i dress and act. If im happy, why should you try and ruin it for me? Its just a shame that i dont give a damn about what other people think, amirite?

Well congratulations.

At my school mylifeisaverage is blocked but amirite isn't. I guess my school has it's priorities straight, amirite?

Is this post supposed to sound like a MLIA post?

I shouldn't be forced to learn about evolution in school if it goes against my religious beliefs, amirite?
It's not weird that if I ever have a daughter, I want to name her Rory. amirite?

Someone's been watching the Gilmore Girls reruns on ABC Family I suppose.

Girls: You wear an undershirt underneath everything, amirite?

I feel naked when I don't.

You find it unnecessary that musicians make movies about themselves, amirite?

It depends on who the artist/musician is.

lost your pen=no pen, no pen=no notes, no notes=no study, no study=fail, fail=no diploma, no diploma=no work, no work=no money, no money=no food, no food=you get skinny, you get skinny=you get ugly, ugly=no love, no love=no marriage, no marriage=no children, no children=alone, alone=depression, depression=sickness, sickness=death. Lesson: Don't lose your pen, you will die, amirite?
Taylor Swift sounds pretty bad live, amirite?

She's improved over the years, her voice is more mature and not so whiny.

It doesn't make sense to have a man whore and a teen mother promoting abstinence, amirite?

Secret Life on ABC Family.

There are some words you just can't spell. It doesn't matter how many times you write it, or how many times it corrected on the computer, you just can't spell it, amirite?

Restaurant. Without autocorrect, I almost always spell it "restraunt".

That grey streak in Stacy London's hair is really strange, amirite?
@Koa_Kaine It is kinda cool, but I wanna know what made her think, "Hey. I'm gonna put grey right there. That'll look good."

A grey streak in a woman's hair is usually natural. I know a woman with one and she says she's had it since she was a teenager.

What if P Diddy was actually called Pete Diddy and we just misheard him and now he just goes with it because it's too late to correct everyone, but every night he goes home and cries and whispers to himself "My name is Pete". Amirite?

This just made my day.

iPhone users: your "home" background picture is more personal than your lock screen picture amirite?

My home screen is just a basic pattern of neon colors because it's covered in apps and I really wouldn't be able to see the personal picture like I can on my lock screen.