A game of hide and seek in your school at midnight, with ten of your closest friends, all the lights off, using only flashlights would be seriously EPIC, amirite?

it is! try it! legally, of course.

So...wait...honest question: If the bread and blood of Christ during the Eucharist are believed to be the real body and blood of Christ, then is anyone who eats it considered a cannibal? Just wondering, amirite?

Trying to explain this in one simple comment is like trying to learn Organic Chemistry when you don't even know what a periodic table is.

Trix Cereal was better when the pieces were shaped like fruit, amirite?


Life would be a lot easier if your purpose was known to you from birth, amirite?
@aanya ever read the book "the giver"?


then it would seem like we don't have a choice.

You have to give props to Emma Watson for going to college, even though she could be set for life from the Harry Potter films, amirite?
@I heard a story on how she answered a question right and the professor said "Good job. Good answer." But some...

haha i heard that too but she said that never happened.
it'd be hilarious though.... except to her.

Sometimes it's fun to use unnecessary amounts of anger: "Peter can i have one of your chips?" "no" "DAMN IT PETER, I WILL SHIT ON YOUR GRAVE!!", amirite?

best follow up i've read :)

Adults and teenagers both want happiness. The only difference is that adults think it lies in the past and teenagers think it lies in the future, amirite?

sounds like they both think college is where it's at! :)

we should bring back bowling for soup's 1985, amirite?
we should bring back bowling for soup's 1985, amirite?
we should bring back bowling for soup's 1985, amirite?
we should bring back bowling for soup's 1985, amirite?

debbie just hit the wall

In outer space, it's pretty much night time everywhere, amirite?

unless you're close to the sun...

You know we have run out of ideas for movies when you see a movie preview for a movie about facebook. amirite?
@TicTacAddict That movie looked good. It's not like it's just about the site, but the ideas BEHIND it.

This movie was good. It was very well made and the actors were good. That being said, it was totally unnecessary. Why make a movie about something that is still developing? It's premature. It's like making a movie about America under the Obama administration. There are some good events, yes, but we don't need it right now.

in my dorm, a couple of guys stay in the elevator and play their violin and guitar. it was great. :)

It's extremely cute when a guy and his sister have a great relationship, amirite?