people's personalities are too heavily based on the media they consume and it'll only get worse, amirite?

TLDR: Don't be an NPC

Being an 'introvert' doesn't mean you're shy, amirite?

Exactlyyyy. My aunt is a stereotypical introvert. She's mean, and hates people. I'm an energetic person, who is kind of outgoing. But I still consider myself introverted because of how exhausting it is to be around people for long. I can only do like 1-2 hangouts a week, and most days I prefer to be alone at home, or with my family, who I'm comfortable with.

Whistling while you work annoys more people than it cheers up, amirite?
@Iapetus-11 Or humming or singing in general, at work when you're around others

Ugh I'm sorry to my coworkers cus I quietly sing without even realizing. I'm a waitress and a decent singer which helps, but I still feel bad and try to realize

Chicken tastes best when boiled in milk, amirite?

So many people say they never boil chicken, in Texas it's like a normal thing, chicken and rice lol

Stevie Nicks sounds like a goat when she sings, amirite?
Fries are best served without any condiments! (chips for you English folk) amirite?

Good quality chips/french fries don't need condiments, just a pinch of salt, but tangy or creamy dipping sauces help cut the salty carbs, that's why cheese boards are accompanied with pickles (sour) or chutneys (sweet)

Some days you want simple and plain foods other days you may want something a little extra.

People who pay with cash should get their own line, so they can all suffer together, amirite?
@fourexhale And I be the fear monger. When that machine your paying at goes out, and dies I can pay. When someone steals your...

I've seen more machines say "card only" because they ran out of change than machines that said "cash only" because their network is down.

Playing video-games is way better than watching tv shows and movies, amirite?

Ignoring the extremes you laid out (binging 8 seasons straight), my wife doesnt care for playing video games so it is far better for us to relax together watching TV at the end of the day rather than me playing videogames while she does something else.

So many people wouldn't date someone who's living with their parents, but have no problem dating someone who's living with their spouse... amirite?
@Milkzey Depends completely on why they are living with their parents.

Maybe it's vice versa and their parents live with them. Sort of like in that TV show Frasier, you know?

There is no reason whatsoever to think alien/extraterrestrial life exists, amirite?
Basic physics should be the most important class in school. amirite?
@Mcgee0 I think OP was driving back in the 80s where there were actually a lot of people not using seatbelts :D

I was (well, 90s actually), but that is besides the point as I know a lot of people to this day who just treat a seatbelt as something you put on if you see a cop.

Basic physics tells us that our meatbags do not respond well to sudden acceleration or deceleration.

The number one sign of recovery from a cold is the ability to masturbate again. amirite?

Covid wanks are pretty sweet. All that extra time to fap without work getting in the way, plus, It would put me to sleep and when I'd wake up…

Time to wank again. I still got the vax but the cure is the faps

Football is one of the most boring sports to ever exist, amirite?
@Larny2019 I find any sport is much more enjoyable when you truly understand how it works and functions. Makes everything a...

I've always found the front lines very interesting, especially when it's a 1 yard play at the goal line. A lot goes on in a very short time.

Football is one of the most boring sports to ever exist, amirite?
Cutscenes ruin video games, amirite?

Definitely agree! The cutscene never line up with how I feel about the game. I'm just never stressed about any situations about the game like the characters in cutscenes. I know that I'll be able to shoot my way through. They are worried about some enemy even though my character in game is a mass killer with thousands of kills. (Example assassins creed odyssey, Far cry, ghost recon woodlands, etc)