The attitude of "we had it tough therefore so should you" is more damaging to social progress than any other agenda, amirite?
Watered down juice is tastier than full opacity juice, amirite?

Yeah I love watered down Gatorade idk why. Just enjoy it more. I also love unsweet tea.

As popular as they are, we never hear about what sound a giraffe makes. amirite?

"A moose goes mooo... doesn't it?".

"No... not at all."

"Well, they should."

Cigarettes should be banned outright. No exceptions. amirite?

Yeah prohibition works very well and has no lasting side effects.

Cigarettes should be banned outright. No exceptions. amirite?
I Enjoy Unpopped Popcorn, amirite?

Damn. Can't say I heard that before. Lmao

Playing video-games is way better than watching tv shows and movies, amirite?

Ignoring the extremes you laid out (binging 8 seasons straight), my wife doesnt care for playing video games so it is far better for us to relax together watching TV at the end of the day rather than me playing videogames while she does something else.

Beaches and islands are boring AF, amirite?

Anakin, get out of here.

Whistling while you work annoys more people than it cheers up, amirite?
@Iapetus-11 Or humming or singing in general, at work when you're around others

Ugh I'm sorry to my coworkers cus I quietly sing without even realizing. I'm a waitress and a decent singer which helps, but I still feel bad and try to realize

confidence isn't attractive, amirite?

Something smells like incel

Accessible bathroom stalls are not "family restrooms", amirite?

Actually, half the bathrooms I go to, the baby change table is in the disability-access toilet and we have to use it. A pram also doesn't fit in a usual public toilet stall so we have fun choices: pee with the door open, leave your child unsupervised outside in the pram, or grab the wriggling child onto your lap while you pee and desperately hope nobody is stealing your pram.

I feel awful to use a disability stall but it's not a choice. People with disabilities, and parents are failed by this.

Actors who can't do comedy are mediocre actors, amirite?

Who cares lol. They will still have more money then I will ever have. They won.

Isolating yourself when you're upset is perfectly acceptable, amirite?

If you have been told otherwise, you have been the target of manipulation.

BBQ sauce is superior to Ketchup/Catsup in any use case. amirite?

Bbq sauce is terrible.
But so is ketchup.

Being an 'introvert' doesn't mean you're shy, amirite?

Exactlyyyy. My aunt is a stereotypical introvert. She's mean, and hates people. I'm an energetic person, who is kind of outgoing. But I still consider myself introverted because of how exhausting it is to be around people for long. I can only do like 1-2 hangouts a week, and most days I prefer to be alone at home, or with my family, who I'm comfortable with.