About me.

My name's Megan. I love a good debate, whether it's about politics (I live in Australia though, so please don't get me to discuss American politics, I know nothing...), economics or social issues (but not about physics or various other things I know little about..) I'm probably not the best at writing these, as the last time I wrote one was back in the myspace days (when I was around 14). Which is probably around the time my photo was taken, as I couldn't really be bothered going through and finding a better one...I'm quite possibly the laziest person you will ever meet. I do like soccer though (or football if you rather), but I don't like things I'm bad at, which pretty much rules out most sports as I'm a total clutz, but not in the cute 'omg I just tripped over, I'm such a gump!' way... More of the 'wtf she runs like a retard!' or 'what where are your arms!? You look so awkward' tries to hold in a giggle If you've read this much... You're crazy, I'm even bored by my life now (not really I love to talk about myself.)