Boys are not going to run to your house at 3am with flowers. They aren't going to scream that they love you down the hallway. They aren't always going to randomly text you to tell you how beautiful you are. They probably aren't going to sing and dance with you in the rain. Yes, they cheat and lie, some of them. But so do girls. Stop setting these high fucking expectations and get over it. amirite?

I think I would prefer a boyfriend I can be totally stupid with.... More have fun. I had a bf who gave me flowers all the time and it kunda got annoying....

osama bin laden has been killed. that put a smile on your face, amirite?
@f_iretr_uck for him? no. in no way.

Yes, but it's a human life, it's death, and death should be respected, no matter who it is. It's just wrong to celebrate the loss of a human life.

I wonder if people in England say go the extra kilometer instead of go the extra mile, amirite?

In Australia we use kilometRES and we still say 'go the extra mile'

The smartest man in the world is an American. SUCK ON THAT FAGGY BRITS. amirite?

It's people like you that give American's bad names

You dont know what year your parents where born, at least some point in your life you asked them, then simply forgot about it again. amirite?

What!? I thought everyone would know their parents birthdays! I've known since I was like 4 wtf i know all my grandparents too! It's really sad if you don't...

It's funny reading about all these people having snow days when here it's the summer holidays and the sun's shining outside, amirite?

haha more like rainy in Australia...but close enough. Still boiling hot though.

Sometimes, you wish fanny packs were cool. amirite?

DON'T call it a 'fanny pack'....EVER!!!


It's kind of ridiculous that saying the alphabet backwards is part of the drunk test. I mean, I can't even do that sober, amirite?
You still use "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" sometimes in math, amirite?

What? I've never been taught any of this...we just remember the order... It's not really that difficult... We do it automatically.

Christian music is so uplifting and makes you feel so happy all of a sudden. amirite?

If by that you mean...'makes me want to shoot myself in the face!' then yes!

Fanny-packs are quite possibly the dorkiest accessory in existence. amirite?

Yea never ever call them fanny packs...definately bum bags

You wonder if people in the Southern Hemisphere still relate snow to Christmas,since Christmas is in summer, amirite?

Haha yea, what's with the weather at the moment? I'm in jeans and a blanket. For me, I more relate Christmas with rain, it's meant to be summer, but every year it seems to rain...

What is it with girls and going to the toilet together? Is it that fun to talk while sitting on a toilet? amirite?
@so you would feel lonely in a small space that contains a toilet,maybe some toilet paper, and you?

Haha more like on the way to the toilet, I personally hate it coz I don't like people to hear me pee....they can stay as far away from that as possible. That was a really late reply...

It's embarrassing to be pulled aside and searched while going through airport security. Especially when your family is laughing at you. amirite?

haha the american security gaurds were like OMG and all serious but the Australians were like we have to keep these and laughed.