The girl who ran away with her Math teacher didn't want an A+, she wanted the D, amirite?
It's frustrating how there can be Gay Pride parades and Black History month, but if there was a Straight Pride parade or White History month, people would freak out, amirite?

White history month: Yes we ravished your nation, yes we colonized Africa, and we're damn proud!!!!!

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Slut shaming to any degree is one of the stupidest things a non-abstinent guy can do, amirite?

"A large portion of my gender wants something from a large portion of your gender, but if you give it to us, we will give you hell for it"

The best part about raping is that people don't care about your spelling when you talk, amirite?
Dumbledore should haveve been replaced by Gandalf. Things would have been a lot different. I mean Dumbledore gets killed by a former side character, thus leaving harry without any guidance. However, Gandalf gets hit with a flaming whip, and falls down an endless mine shaft, while fighting a demon wreathed in fire, and still returns to life to give Frodo guidance. And if Gandalf were in charge of harry's quest 90% more people would have been stabbed. amirite?

This is going to be voted down simply for the fact many users refuse to take their heads out of their Arse when it comes to Harry Potter

Any Atheist claiming to be truly Atheist and not Agnostic is just as closed minded as a religious person claiming they KNOW God exist. No you don't. Not a single one of you can honestly say that you KNOW a god does or does not exist. Personally I believe in god as much as I do in Santa. But I have no way of proving that he either does not exist and because of this I am forced to admit to myself that pure Atheism is inconceivable, amirite?
@guineasaurusrex Being an atheist doesn't mean that you claim to KNOW there's not a god. It means you BELIEVE there's not a god.

I'm not sure you fully understood the purpose of Schrödinger's cat. Let me explain with a picture I just stole....

Non-religious people do have morals; religion isn't required to be a good person in general, amirite?
@Truuninja No way, as Jesus very rightly pointed out, anyone who didn't think he was the messiah was a murderer and a rapist.

This website isn't funny anymore.

I've seen it slowly die as middle school children take it over. :'(

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The most awkward and saddening thing that could happen to you is your mom walking in on you writing a suicide note, amirite?

My mom would be like "You spelt 'disappointment' wrong."

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How come calling a black person black is racist, but saying a ginger has no soul is funny? amirite?
It's called 'The Notebook' because guys should be taking notes, amirite?
Amirite: the website where it's all made up and the points don't matter, amirite?
@Galileo Fun fact: it is completely acceptable to put Amirite achievements on your resume

Potential Employer: "Looking at your resume, Bob, it seems that you have seven Diamond Amirite achievements."
Me: "Yes?" beams proudly
Potential Employer: "What the fuck are they?"

Awkward people: You like to think that you could be really outgoing if you wanted to, but then you face the truth and accept you're just lacking in social skills, amirite?

Aaaaaaand that's when I go back to Minecraft.

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(tiny demographic); (somewhat related, barely witty cliché), amirite?
@POOPMAN (something related to what you said)

(something related to what you said, now with an innuendo) (creepy suggestive smiley face)