"The internet is kind of like high school. MLIA is the preps, FML the sad emo kids, DeviantART the artists, Myspace is the band geeks, and amirite is the cool kids." Nah, amirite is the debate team, amirite?

myspace isn't band geeks its sluts

1.) Go to google translate. 2.) Copy & paste this: pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpvpvzk kkkkk bsch 3.) Translate from german to german. 4.) Click "Listen". You shat bricks, amirite?

im positive that not one person came even close to shitting anything. lame.

You're fucking tired of all the girls posting albums of their 'photography' or their 'art' on facebook... But the worst really is the goddamn 'poetry' and the singing, amirite?

it's even more annoying when all the comments are other girls saying things like "omg your so good at art". it's like the picture really isn't even good

If a girl beats a guy in something athletic, the guy probably didn't let her win, or had a bad day or any other stupid excuse he says to cover his loss because girls are as tough and good in sports as guys, amirite?

this post is so ridiculously wrong. im no sexist but you've obviously never watched women's sports. its so boring.

Democratic and Republican parties needed to shut the fuck up, resolve their differences, grow a pair, and try to run the fucking the country while not shitting on the American people. amirite?

You are quite naive.

.....i dont get it

Lil' Wayne's metaphors are just as bad as normal swearwords; "You go up that crane girl, and I'll go down that drain girl", really?? amirite?

There's no apostrophe in Lil

You should never jog in a bikini. amirite?
if you want to feel healthy, an oatmeal cookie is kind of like a handful of granola glued together by sugar and butter =D, amirite?

why did you put a penis at the end?

It's sad that there are monkeys that can communicate with Sign Language better than most teenagers can with written language. amirite?

that is too big of a generalization. almost all of the teens i hang out with or talk to have much better writing skills than monkeys. All teens can get their point across when writing, even if their grammar isn't 100% perfect.

Liking your own facebook status is like high-fiveing yourself in public, amirite?


Taylor Swift looks kinda asian, amirite?
Not EVERY Disney star HAS to release an album, not everyone can sing, but thanks to T-Pain and Auto-tune that doesn't matter, amirite?

how could this possibly be t-pain's fault?

It's SO annoying when girls pull their shirts up 24/7, amirite?
Homophobes are REALLY ignorant. How is someone else's marriage gonna do harm to you? amirite?
@...but does it effect you?

your saying murder should be legal becuase it doesn't affect you?