Bears are probably scared of vacuum cleaners. amirite?
@Mrnobody7330 Challenge accepted!

I gonna tell you what someebody once toñd me when I say somenthing similar
"Thats why men live shorter"

It seems like whenever you clip your fingernails you are quickly confronted with a task that would have been way easier to accomplish if you had longer nails, amirite?

Pick up classical guitar

If you're colorblind, you can't distinguish half of the European flags, amirite?

Colour blinds are also racists

Battlefield 2042 is the BEST Battlefield game, amirite?

Here's another unpopular opinion: There hasn't been a good Battlefield game since BF2 and BF2142.

If having mediocre sex is your fetish then you'll never have it. amirite?

You may not. But whomever your partner is, probably will. That way no one is happy.

If USB-C exists, then there's probably a USB-B and USB-A. amirite?

...yeah. A is the standard USB. B is the square that goes into printers.

We're not very creative when it comes to naming sports. amirite?
Male pseudohermaphrodites technically have a negative dick size, amirite?
@Dairyqueenemployee Pseudohermaphroditism is a condition in which an individual has a matching chromosomal and gonadal tissue sex, but...

Soo in layman's terms, an almost identical male reproductive organ internally without the penis exterior?

People that aren't actively fighting for the environment are selfish and don't care about life, themselves or their families. amirite?

Mf has rich parents

Live Reactions to Porn might exists out there, amirite?

If you pay a camgirl enough she will turn on your cam and then she can see your reaction as you are jacking off to her. You can simultaneously see her reaction to you jacking off to her.

It's like a porn reaction moebius strip.

The "J" is backwards, amirite?

"I" is perfectly balanced.

Someone somewhere remembers you because you were really weird to them, amirite?

You mean every person ive ever interacted with.

Middle aged women are attracted to the pool boy because he cleans something. amirite?
@mihneacuzino2 The circle of milf

I choose this guy's dead mom too..

Spiderman is the weirdest idea for a superhero, amirite?

What about Aquaman?

Eating healthy and working out aren't worth it, amirite?
@Dairyqueenemployee I'm impressed.

Well I was in the military for awhile so that helps. But I also played sports my whole life so I enjoy it.