When you say penis it sounds more inappropriate than when you say dick, amirite?

I prefer to say penis in other languages over saying it in English

Humans have 100 million million cells in the body, and we're always just one cell division away from getting cancer. amirite?
If Hollywood indeed had orchestrated the moon landing, they would have made a few remakes already. amirite?

They did, but they were uninspired and didn't really develop the characters any.

The wind is gay because all it does is blow you. amirite?

No its mother nature giving you some free head.

Computer programmers are people who have figured out how to press little plastic cube shapes in the correct order, amirite?

That's like saying "physicists are people who have figured out how to put numbers and letters in the right order to make equations"

Every part of the dump you took this morning was present at the Big Bang, amirite?

My poop experience will never be the same

The brain may have named itself, but it also recognized that it named itself and was surprised when it realized that. amirite?
We all are still looking for that video that we first jacked off too all those years ago, amirite?
There's no anxiety like shaving your ball sack with a razor, amirite?
@Personally I find it very pleasant to a man's genitals are properly shaven. It's more pleasant for your partner...

I find it equally pleasant when she takes the time to manicure the welcome mat. It's no longer 1973.

Homeless people have been a real boon to the shopping cart industry. amirite?

How? I think I understand but am not sure I do.

Losing a sense doesn't heighten your other senses, it just make you focus on them more. amirite?
@Respectmyauthoriteh What if there are no more senses for you to focus on?

Maybe you focus on your body. You would need to ask somebody who has lost all their senses, but that is impossible as they cant hear you, cant see you, cant feel you, cant smell you and taste you either.

Bed is the only place where "What an asshole" could be a compliment, amirite?


No one can actually skip breakfast. amirite?

Never eat again?

If you want to blow up a balloon, you can use helium to make it lighter. If you use helium, you can blow up a balloon with a lighter, amirite?

Helium is a noble gas and not flammable, it seems you may be confusing it.

Humans are so poorly designed that a lot of us need alcohol just to talk to each other. amirite?

This sounds like a good design