About me.

Brianna asked me to write this for her even though I suck at writing and that confused me, until she showed me her suggestions for this. So I had to do everything myself, which means I am charging extra.
Since I have very limited knowledge about her due to her lack of assistance, a lot of the information in here is unreliable at best. That’s fine though, because I think I made a few improvements, since I am assigning her a lot of traits possessed by me.
Brianna was born in Canada but moved to Texas at a young age. She enjoys surfing, and her favourite sport is hockey. She also enjoys going to bonfires with friends. She thinks sleep is for pussies, but that doesn’t stop her from passing out from exhaustion, forcing me to stay up by myself. This has happened every time we tried and all the blame is on her. Sorry Brianna, but if you wanted facts and truth in your profile you should have done it yourself.
Brianna is not a lazy person; instead she is very dream oriented and ambitious. She strives to one day be as good as me at everything I do, but like most goals set by people, this is very unrealistic. First of all I have had a life time of training as well as arguably the best natural talent of all time. If you’re wondering who could possibly argue that, it would be me. Arguing is one of my many amazing talents and abilities that Brianna wishes she could possess.

List of favourite people
Matt l smilie
Cat l smilie

This is what I sound like!

Things I say when I'm not fully conscious:
"well it was more if a in mire, you're tired, not , not boring iditroria"