If you're Canadian you say pasta with an "ah" sound not "posta" like Americans do, amirite?

posta? i have never heard that one. ever. its pAsta.

they should make a video game where Peach has to save Mario, amirite?

that actually does exist. it's called Super Princess Peach.

You're not racist but inter-racial couples kinda weird you out, amirite?

yes, i am weirded out by my parents because they dont have the same color skin

It's so weird that singers like Adam Lambert and Jay-Z are gay, yet their songs are all about girls. Amirite?

jay-z is married to beyonce

People who say "I don't believe in Jesus," are clearly uneducated and should not be discussing religion. There is historical proof that Jesus did exist. Why don't you do some research before you start forming opinions. amirite?

well, i can speak for myself, that when i say that, i mean, i know he existed, and did a lot, but there are a lot of things that people say he did that are impossible (like splitting the bread and such) that i dont believe. i dont know about others, but thats what i mean.

I watched a slideshow in my US History class about 9/11 today. When we were walking out of class, a guy said, "I wanted to punch the screen when his face popped up!" And I thought they were talking about Osama Bin Laden, but they were talking about George W. Bush. I mean, everyone can have their opinions, but that's just unpatriotic. amirite?

bush was/is an asshole. and the worst part is everyone is blaming obama for the mess BUSH created. and i agree with BreakfastFan

Spiders are a good example of an insect that are actually kind of cute, amirite?

they aren't insects

You have a favorite commercial, amirite?

old spice FTW

you have never actually had one of those giant lollipops, but you really want one, amirite?

i've had one. they attack your face.

People mispronounce the years in the 21st century. It's not "two thousand ten" it's "twenty ten". People didn't go around 100 yrs ago saying it was "one thousand nine hundred ten" they said it was "nineteen ten". I wasn't born in "one thousand nine hundred ninety six" i was born in "nineteen ninety six". Seriously, if people can have twenty twenty vision, they can live in the year twenty twenty... amirite?

who are you to go around telling people how to say the year?

Reading is important- not just for learning new things and expanding your imagination, but to help reinforce all the spelling/grammar rules you learn in school... like where an apostrophe is or isn't needed. So all you barely-literate junior high/high school kids need to read more real books, amirite?

i agree with you 100%, but saying "all you junior high/high school kids" is a little undermining. we get this image that says we are slackers and barley know what a book is, when i and a lot of other people i know love reading. so yeah, though i agree that reading is being lost, it is not lost on everyone.

You have put toothpaste on a pimple before, amirite?
@RoseWeasley Does that really work?

it has for me. doesnt get rid of it, but it gets noticeably smaller. its just you cant use it every night, or over a large area. just spot treatment.

Whats the point of a conductor for orchestra? Sure when they start so they start together, but then what? amirite?

obviously you don't play an instrument, so why would say something about stuff you don't know?

Marriage is like laundry... It's a mistake to mix the whites with the darks, amirite?

my dad is black and my mom is white, and they have been happily married for near 20 years now, so fuck off and go to hell.

Deep down inside, we're all fangirls of something, amirite?

of harry potter. duh