Ohh, so you mean it would say "AHSB SUWAVZ OABBDI" instea of "Ahsb suvavz oabbdi."

"Friday" by Rebecca Black is the WORST song EVER invented. It makes you lose hope in all of society, amirite?

gotta get my bowl, gotta eat cereal...

yesterday was thursday, today is friday, tomorrow is saturday and sunday comes afterward.

it's so insightful. the lyrics really speak to me.

It should be illegal to chew with your mouth open, amirite?

The badasses at school wouldn't be the druggies and the alcoholics anymore. Now, anyone with sloppy eating habits would be rebellious BAMFs.

More leather jackets would have to be produced. A biker gang would be formed. Together, the league of open-mouth chewers would migrate from city to city terrorizing citizens with their law-breaking daredevil natures.

Don't get mad at old people for not having fun. Time flies when you're having fun, and they need all the time they can get, amirite?

I like how all the comments on this are about it getting POTD before getting homepaged or jmayrod and ant's potential sex life, not the actual post.

You feel bad for those people that will always have a double chin, no matter how skinny they get, amirite?

I named my double chin Clarice. Clarice likes to show herself in all photos of me.

Even if being gay was a choice (which it's not) who the hell are you to tell me what I should do with MY life? as long as my choice doesn't effect you or anyone else in a negative way, you shouldn't discriminate, amirite?
@Your_Stalker I laughed at the part "it's not a choice" cause I imagined Hitler or someone taking lashes out on people screaming...

i have a feeling it would be more like, "verdammt noch mal! Sie besser sein Homosexuell! Sie gehen zu einer homosexuellen werden! keine Ausreden, du Sohn eine Gans!"

yet, i still can't picture Hitler yelling "son of a goose!" "son of a jew"? maybe.

Jokes about Rebecca Black are so last Friday, amirite?

We can't keep making Rebecca Black jokes. Gotta be fresh.

What do atheists say on Friday? TERARATSIF? Thank Earth's Rotation and Revolution Around The Sun It's Friday? amirite?

your's? i don't know what to say to you.

You've wondered if there really are superheroes the government is hiding from us, amirite?

that would be incredible(s)!

You can't resist the urge to pick you'r nose after you've had a nosebleed? amirite?

you'r an idiot

The Sharks and the Jets should've gone to the Superbowl, amirite?
Anthony didn't intend for this site to be dominated by tweens, amirite?

anthony, i am sorry that tweens are so bent on destroying every good website. they bother me.

Trix are not for kids because they are not healthy and adults always buy them so therefor if we buy them then they are ours, amirite?

Yeah, this makes no sense.

there should really be an amirite app for the iphone, amirite?

What if by wishing to be a cat you became a cat from Cats and then you were all alone with your memory?