Sometimes, the only thing you can do is say "fuck it" and do whatever needs doing tomorrow, amirite?

This reminds me of chris from skins (the original British version)

<span style="display:none;">Your username is awesome, amirite?</span>
if ( currentUserUsername ) { t="Your username is "+currentUserUsername;}
else { t="You're not logged in"; }
</script>, amirite?

I have to proudly say, this post is absolutely right. And I love it.

The bible is one big book of fairytales, amirite?

I would laugh if this got to 666 no ways( or yeah you are) and stayed that way

The bible is one big book of fairytales, amirite?

I haven't read all the comments, so if I say something that someone else has stated then I'm sorry. So, first of all, I'm a girl^ second, to the people that are saying the bible is true, you have no proof. To the people that say the bible has good morals, the bible has accepted slavery, rape, murder, and many more horrible things. Also, I don't care what you people who are defending the bible say, you won't change my opinion on the bible.

You would think In'n'out is a sex toy shop unless you are from Cali, or some other adjacent states, amirite?

The only one that isn't in Cali is in Vegas. <3 Cali