You've wondered at least once why the letters on a QWERTY keyboard are arranged that way, amirite?

The man who invented the keyboard was named Qwert Yuiop

Same goes for a lot of the nice good girls. Guys stick us in the friend zone and go out with the sluts who hurt them.

why doesnt katy perry get thought of as a slut, but Miley Cyrus does, amirite?

If she didn't know what she was getting into fine. Yes she has an obligation to what she started, she is allowed to not be Hannah anymore. But starting all the nude picture, smoking saliva and all that only a very short time after she stopped being Hannah, isn't right. She should have given it time for Hannah to fade. Katy Perry may have young girls looking up to her but she never was the good girl image type, like Miley had. So her acting how she always was isn't a shock. Katy Perry's target audience is older then Mileys and the fan base is smaller.

Girls should not be having sex (willingly) unless they are ready and fully capable of dealing with the consequences, mainly pregnancy and a child, amirite?
@Emperorerror But no matter how much you 'prepare' for the incurable STD, it will still surprise anyone, because of the...

You would be less surprised by preparing for the chance. It could help you have a game plan on what to know.

Just so you know, I am the OP, and while I was mainly referring to pregnancy, I was also talking about anything that can come of sex. That includes, pregnancy, children, STI's, etc. Any of that, including the unsolvable issues can be dealt with easier if you are emotionally and mentally prepared to take on the challenge of it and know ahead of time what you would do in that situation.

We have lost the equality we have been striving for, instead we are moving towards a reverse-rasism. When do we say enough and give everyone the SAME rights, regardless of race, religion, sex or wealth? amirite?
@twisted_memories I don't think it's needed at all. The term implies that something has been reversed, which is not so. Racism has...

There are many words or sayings that are wrong, plain and simple but are used because there isn't anything better to use. Yes, people will say things like, "It isn't as bad because it is reverse-racism." But without that term, many people don't think of the white person at the bottom of the tower. It just implies that. There could be better words but that is what was picked for it. I think the word is flawed, but it is what has been used to describe this situatuions.

Girls should not be having sex (willingly) unless they are ready and fully capable of dealing with the consequences, mainly pregnancy and a child, amirite?
@Emperorerror Well in any case, I still hold firm that you cannot prepare for an incurable STD, and all other negative results...

I'm sure there is no way to prepare to deal with living with aids or something like that. Yet preparing also means taking means to prevent it. The other negative results aren't massive issues but they shouldn't be something shrugged off. If a young girl and guy get pregnant or get an STI, it shouldn't be 'oh, it's fixable.' Abortion or medication. The consequences should be thought over first before the act is committed, so they can prepare to deal with, or prevent them.

Girls, you'd make the first move, even with the fear of rejection, if you weren't so afraid of the insane awkwardness that would follow every day after it, amirite?

I don't mind making the first move. It is only when something does happen and everyone finds out 'the girl' made the first move, so many people have to make jokes about how I have the balls in the relationship. It is pathetic. So I would rather the guy ask it and save us both from being mocked.

Uniforms > No uniforms (Uniforms save trouble and laundry) amirite?

I know I am replying late, but alot of the people who are for uniforms are the shallow ones, calling people sluts and things because they express themselves. Yeah, some people dress terrible, but personaly, I love expressing myself through my clothes, It shows who I am, and sets me apart from others right away. As for uniforms, most are quite shapless, you don't get to wear anything that actually fits and shows off good features.

Since when is it socially acceptable to text other people while you have a guest over? It's actaully kinda rude, amirite?

I hate it when I invite a friend over and they spend the whole time on their phone. It's like hello, why did you come over if you aren't going to do anything but text someone else?

Not all Canadians say 'Eh?' after everything, amirite?

I am Canadian and we rarely say 'Eh?'. Most of the time we say it, it is a joke.

You always hear about the 'girl next door' but never about the 'guy next door', amirite?

"Boy next door" often equals "Guy in the friend zone"

Every attractive girl (7+/10) has had sex by age 18, amirite?

Sounds like someone hates attractive girls.

I don't remember the last time I spun a top, but it was way before inception came out. Do they even make tops anymore?

You never understand why exactly superheroes HAVE to wear tights, amirite?

So we know they are superheroes!

i shouldn't be second best to him, behind a different girl, when im his girlfriend, amirite?

Depends who the other girl is. If it is a really close best friend for years, then yes, you should. But other then that and family, you shouldn't.