The mouth has hair grow around it because it too can be a sexual organ. amirite?
@freq432 Yeah but... No. It's not an organ at all...

Depends on how loose or tight your definition of the term is. Or your mouth for that matter.

The mouth has hair grow around it because it too can be a sexual organ. amirite?
@Cypherixx So does my arm pit.

Well, humanity just hasn't evolved enough yet to be that sexually creative.

On a 5 star rating system 4 stars is a zero, amirite?


We feel happy but not embarassed about sending nude pictures of plants to everybody else while travelling, amirite?
"Monosyllabic" is the most ironic word in the English language. "Ironic" comes in a close second. amirite?
Savoury can always be made sweeter... but sweet can never be made savoury, amirite?
Vinegar is the only cleaning product that you can also enjoy with fish and chips. amirite?

False. I enjoy Comet sprinkled on my tilapia

Your imagination isn't limited by 3 dimensions, but it's almost impossible to visualize the 4th dimension. amirite?

Your imagination is limited to what you can conceptualize based off of your experiences, so as you have not experienced a 4th dimension, you are correct

Your nose is practically a vacuum so you technically wouldn't be wrong if you sniffed the house dust away with it, amirite?

Stay off the powder mmm-Kay?

The scary noises kids hear late at night are probably their parents having sex, amirite?
We're living through a crazy time that forces us to have two selfs. The online self and the real world self. The difficulty to balance the two is causing humanity extreme psychological pain, amirite?
Yes, you are brave, amirite?

Thanks. This allowed me to get the courage to cut my nan in half to get the insurance money

the universal intro is so famous to the point where it is actually universal, amirite?


Aliens don't know about it

Men are always armed cuz they all have swords. amirite?
As an individual, not having kids is probably the most impactful way of contributing to reducing pollution on Earth. amirite?

Only if you are in a third world country, which partake the most in pollution. It also applies to overpopulation: while the global population increases it actually decreases/stagnates in developed regions such as Japan or Europe. That's why they push immigrants into Europe and promote not having european kids, just like what you did.