All guys love at least 1 dick, amirite?

Jokes on you . I hate my own

Your imagination isn't limited by 3 dimensions, but it's almost impossible to visualize the 4th dimension. amirite?

Your imagination is limited to what you can conceptualize based off of your experiences, so as you have not experienced a 4th dimension, you are correct

You could remote hack a Wi-Fi butt plug, install crypto mining software, and literally pull money out of strangers asses, amirite?

These are conclusions I never could have drawn.

Most people can survive and thrive eating meat, therefore we literally have flesh eating bacteria inside our stomach and intestines. amirite?

and stomAch acid?

You can get a two in monopoly but it's impossible to move two. amirite?

So in reality 3 is the worst you can roll :o

The very thing that plants use to protect themselves is what actually causes them to be killed by us, amirite?
On a 5 star rating system 4 stars is a zero, amirite?


Savoury can always be made sweeter... but sweet can never be made savoury, amirite?
As an individual, not having kids is probably the most impactful way of contributing to reducing pollution on Earth. amirite?

Only if you are in a third world country, which partake the most in pollution. It also applies to overpopulation: while the global population increases it actually decreases/stagnates in developed regions such as Japan or Europe. That's why they push immigrants into Europe and promote not having european kids, just like what you did.

Someone probably has the same signature as you, amirite?

With a name like Emory Whaley, doubt.

Eating enough durian will make it seem like your burps were replaced with farts. amirite?
We feel happy but not embarassed about sending nude pictures of plants to everybody else while travelling, amirite?
If you can't think of how to explain what you're doing to your mom and/or the police. Then you probably shouldn't be doing it. amirite?
One day, when people will talk about the 90s they'll be talking about the 2090s, amirite?
@Wrcknhvc If anyone remains alive

Only 90's kids will remember mass migrations

The mouth has hair grow around it because it too can be a sexual organ. amirite?
@Cypherixx So does my arm pit.

Well, humanity just hasn't evolved enough yet to be that sexually creative.