Guys: you hate when you wake up and have to pee, but you have really bad morning wood, and nothing will make it go down, amirite?

Most of you that don't see why it's painful must be short, in one or more ways

The worst mosquito bites are on your feet. Amirite?

Right inbetween two fingers, where there always touch!

Tea can either taste amazingly good, or amazingly disgusting, amirite?

I mean the way it's made. Like too much of one thing or another.

They say that duct tape can fix anything, but it certianly cannot fix relationships, amirite?
You would rather be born with a disability than acquire one later in life, amirite?

I already have one, so I kinda don't know what to answer! XD

Rihanna, Taio Cruz, One Direction... Where do their accents go when they sing? amirite?
@glowtmickey ...or you know, some of those lesser-known singers with accents like queen or the beetles.

Or, even lesser, U2, Coldplay, sting (The Police). Ya probably never heard em.

But British (and Australian) singers, tend to sorta lose their accent when they sing, just cause of how the voice is. The accent mostly comes out in the the "ou" (like "out"), "oo" (like "you"), "uu" (like numb"), the "a" (like fall [sounld a lil like "full"]) and the "y/eh" (happy - happeh) sounds.
So most of the vowels, in a shorter way to say it.

It's annoying when people take everything to extremes. These people should die, amirite?

Like my girlfriend and sometimes

Only communists like group projects, amirite?

McCarthyism is gone now dude. Your late.

You wanna girl with a short skirt and a long jacket, amirite?

Accidentally of course!

You wanna girl with a short skirt and a long jacket, amirite?

We'll meet at citi bank! ;D

It would be really cool if instead of turning the Harry Potter books into movies, they could've made them into TV series. Each book will be a season, and each chapter an episode. It would've been much cooler, plus they also would've been able to fit every detail of the book, add in extra details, and show us more about life in Hogwarts. Amirite?

So like the "Avatar: The Last Airbender" series?

We have leap year because there aren't exactly 365 days in a year, so we add an extra day every fourth year. But if you think about it, there aren't exactly 24 extra hours in 4 years either. So even with leap year, we're still slowly becoming off-sync with the earth's rotation and orbit. The system we use to keep track of time is not perfect, amirite?

The earths orbit is slowly, slowing. So that in several hundred years (I can't remember the exact number) we lose a grand total of 1second from the clock!

You've barked at a cat before, amirite?

And meowed ata dog

It would be so awesome if clouds were red, amirite?

No it wouldn't. It would be normal, because that is what we would see every day. Now of there was a red cloud because of your blood that I drained got evaporated, THAT would be awesome

We always think of karma as being negative, but it can also pertain to doing good in the world, amirite?

Karma is bad.
Dharma is good.

Why don't you people look stuff up before saying stupid s**t like this