You'd love to be able to drink the blood from a girl's period, amirite?

Wow, someone's a sick perv. Seriously? What kind of person thinks of stuff like this?

Luigi is cooler than Mario, and Ferb is cooler than Phineas. Therefore, green is a cooler color than red, amirite?

I agree on Ferb but Mario is waaay cooler than Luigi

How come that people always say that Harry Potter, Eric Northman etc. Would win over Edward Cullen in a fight? Doesn't matter if he sparkles in the sun or doesn't drink human blood, he's still the closest to indistructible you can get. Harry is human and Eric burns in the sun. Look at the facts and realize that Edward would kick their asses, bigtime. Amirite?

Eric is almost 2000 years old while Edward is 100. He obviously knows more than Edward and is waaaaaaaay hotter.

The shortest Amirite posts are the best. I mean some people just go on and on about things that no one cares about, and they probably won't get published anyway. I mean really people, no one cares, a post that is more than three lines is too long! Just shorten them up, will you? We don't need a novel, amirite?

Someone's a hypocrite.

I'm pretty sure the Bible doesn't say anything about God hating gays, fags, or other religions. People way back in history decided to say that God didn't like you if you didn't agree with their religion. amirite?

Maybe they hated gays/fags back then because they had never seen anything like that but times have changed and I'm pretty sure that if God made us the way we are today, He accepts us for who we are. Just saying

Obama and Bob the Builder may have the same slogan, but I think we all know who is really getting things done, amirite?

Of course it's Bob. He has all the tools!

yes I'm Canadain. but i dont ride polar bears to school, or have maple syrup for breakfest lunch and dinner, or have a pet moose. I just have better healthcare. amirite?


if your a girl, sometimes boys can be better friends than other girls because boys arn't bitchy. amirite?

Yeah. Hanging out with guys is way better

It's annoying when people say that the Vampire Diaries is posing off of Twilight because the Vampire Diaries books came first, amirite?

Thanks for seeing the truth.

Ok, it's usually fine to make a movie from a book, but please don't make a book from a movie, amirite?
Guys: if you could lose your virginity to anyone in the world you would choose Justin Bieber, amirite?

HAHA! Nice

You're nine years old.why are you texting and drinking coffee? amirite?

I hate LG's and LB's.

We've all got those embarassing e-mail adresses that we made up when we were like 10, amirite?


It was supposed to be hellohi but I though elo would be cooler, for some reason........

When you were a kid and you realized that twinkle twinkle little star and the ABC's went to the same tune, you felt cheated, amirite?

I didn't know that :P

We should give a name to that little guy in the "amirite" logo. I'm thinking Jim, amirite?

Either Thornton or Junior/Jr.