You aren't 21 but you've had alcohol before, and the first time you tried it you wanted to brag so badly, amirite?
John Krasinski is SUPER sexy, amirite?

Hehehe that one too :D

Girls: Whenever you see a cute guy walking in your direction, you change the way you walk and your facial expression to get him to look at you, amirite?
It could be really awkward when someone tells you they're horny, amirite?

or it could be a big turn on ;)

The one step method to ending up with a million dollars at Vegas: Start with a billion, amirite?


You hate it when you're playing hide and sick with your family and decide to hide in a wardrobe, only to find yourself in a magical world where beavers are your mentors and talking wolves try to kill you, amirite?

It happens ALL the time but NO ONE believes me!

Best friend, I appreciate the support, but you and I both know that it is not "just extra skin" I'm pinching, but indeed fat, amirite?

this belongs on
Not here. XD

QWOP has got to be the hardest game ever existing, amirite?


Nerdfighters FTW, amirite?

Nerdifghter's Move

the best cookies are slightly uncooked in the center, amirite?


"Snooki's like a prison jumpsuit: She's bright orange and once she's on you, you really start to question the life decisions that led you to this point.", amirite?
@hence the quotations

.... Hence my excitement.... XD

This post is about turtles, amirite?
@No - it's about half turtle half squirrel. Duh.

How'd you see the real meaning behind this post???

I could lie and say I'm fine, or I could tell you about the bullshit that I feel, amirite?
@Do you really want to know, or are you trying to be sympathetic?

I really want to know! Honest! I hate it when people are sad, and I always want to help

The woman who sings "Santa Baby" is also the mother of the kid who saw mommy kissing Santa Claus, amirite?

Santa's way of saying it's over :)

It's weird seeing Shia LeBeouf in Wall Street and remembering him from Even Stevens, amirite?