I took a shower today. Guess I'm not French, amirite?

I drank water today. Guess I'm not African.

Amirite: the website where it's all made up and the points don't matter, amirite?

Fun fact: it is completely acceptable to put Amirite achievements on your resume

god is real if someone come from the futer,god is not real if no one comes from the futer and we made the time macne also we were first than the futer, amirite?

We have a rapist in Lincoln Park?

Girls have prostitution to turn to when everything goes down hill, what do guys have, amirite?
@Icel not in my town

I read this in a deep, old western voice.

They should make haunted houses with genuine fears. For example: Eviction notices at every corner, very important final exams that you didn't study for, pictures of your parents naked, etc. Amirite?
Mother's Day is probably pretty awkward for teen moms who had accident babies, amirite?

Even more awkward for aborted fetuses.

Rick Santorum tries too hard to be subtle about his homphobia, amirite?

I'm gay but that doesn't stop me from deepthroating those delicious nuggets.

You are laying down in between a hot girl and a gay man. Which side do you sleep with your back to? amirite?

Do you mean a gay rapist? Or are we going off the assumption the man is attracted to you?

The reason that young people are referred to as generation Y is because that's the shape the top of their butt makes when their pants hang around their knees, amirite?
An iPod just isn't an iPod unless it's an iPod touch, amirite?

You're not a human unless you can do eight consecutive backflips on a mountain of jello while facing southeast and have 22 witnesses, including Gandhi and Jack Sparrow.

Drug dealers should make a drug called Homework so that parents can't complain their children aren't doing it, amirite?
Sarcasm translates really well over a computer or text message, amirite?
The real reason that women never propose is that as soon as they get down on one knee men start unzipping, amirite?
Girls: Since we're born with a set amount of eggs, and they're released every month (assuming it's regular), you wish you could turn off your period and save your eggs until you want to actually have a baby. Also, you'd like to turn it off so you don't have to deal with the pain and blood. amirite?
It's okay if you have one or two Abercrombie or American Eagle shirts, but when that's all you wear you obviously have no taste, amirite?
@maazlim ahahaha, i like ur post about the "motherfucking shapes on this motherfucking plane" good stuff As for your...

Thank you. And thank you for not being like "NOOMGZ U DIZRSPCTEDDD ME! ADN YUR UGLY TWO!!1!"