Describe yourself in 5 words.

Bad at following directions.

You think comments under posts should be at least 20 words to encourage proper debates rather than one liners
The only thing worse than "the one who got away" is "the one who won't go away."

You shouldn't be POTDing yourself especially if it's not even your content and you fail to cite it.

Assuming someone else POTDed this it would not be so much trouble to Google a soon to be POTD. There's obviously something to be said about favouritism as well since Kira is a moderator.

Regardless of the fact that this post is POTD it should not have been posted without a citation at all. You're a moderator for whatever reason so have some integrity.
No one's impressed by your post being POTD especially when it's stolen. I assure you it's the opposite.

Sometimes, when you're drawing, you just get lazy. Amirite?

You should work on the left side, it looks like shit.

Marijuana shouldn't be legalized
It's odd that cars in Britain have air conditioning in anticipation of hot weather. Gotta love their optimism though. Kinda like a fat girl carrying round a rape alarm, amirite?
This site is amazing because it gives people a way to express their opinions worry free. So, it kind of ruins it when people post rude or mean comments for no reason. If you don't have an intelligent reply to a comment, shut up or go to a different site.

"It's so nice that on this site we get to say whatever we want. But those people whose thoughts I dont like can go fuck themselves, no one wants them here."

You love the new sound made when you press "yeah you are!", amirite?
@Favvkes clicks YYA I don't hear a sound... or did you do that on purpose

He must have gotten this mixed up, there's definitely a new scent when you favourite posts.

It would suck if Santa Claus really didn't exist and it was just our parents putting gifts under the tree every year, amirite?

How could parents possibly fly all over the world in one night? Don't be silly.

It would suck if Santa Claus really didn't exist and it was just our parents putting gifts under the tree every year, amirite?

My friends and I have this long standing private joke thing where they all pretend Santa is fake. They get so into it, too. They all look so serious and I'm struggling to not laugh.

You hate it when all in the same week you have a math test, a history test, the apocalypse, a science test, and a term paper in english due, amirite?
@dzmax I have had seventeen exams in one exam period before. Suck it the fuck up.

17? JUST 17?

A master villain breaks into your house and ties you to a chair with a gun at your head. "I'll let you live if you kill one person for me" he sneers. "No you dastardly individual, I would never take the life of another human being!" you valiantly shout. He holds up a picture of the person he wants you to kill. Why, it's your ex! You decide to go along with his demands, amirite?

So I actually end up not killing anyone!

Humans with their limited abilities can never understand the true nature of the Universe