About me.

Yes, I was TheRapistInLinkinPark. No, I am not actually a rapist. I\'m thirteen years old and play hockey and lacrosse.
About people:
The better #1.Tristan is the most amazing person to walk this Earth, and his ego is not huge, not at all.
The not quite best but still better than the original #1. Sinner thinks I\'m a genius Guff
1. Me and Kristin are sneaking out and sneaking her into Modern Family as Alex
2. Hands hates me :\'(
3. Me and Cora are bff\'s
4. Me and Hilsy are totes hosers and love hockey
5. Justin creeps in girls lockerooms O.o
6. Dana is my wife
7. Dave makes the best facial expressions
8. Taja made a poem about me and Regina (thethinker), it goes a little like this:
There once was a girl named Regina
Everything she did was obscene-a
Geoff gave her a hug
She gave him a \"tug\"
& And left him a mess to clean-a
9. I \"betterify\" some of BitchWhore\'s posts
10. Jami loves me