That moment when your friends play 7minutes in heaven or whatever and you're dared to kiss the guy you like, and you guys go to another room or closet or something and you just stand there. And you wanna make a move so badly but you are nervous! And you don't know what to do. That feeling...
It would be crazy if college was like the hunger games. Before you left you could only see three of your loved ones for a limited time. What you took with you was limited so that you could only focus on school. Every week, depending on your GPA, the lowest scorers would get killed. If you brought distractions like phones, alcohol, etc. you'd get killed. And only the top 3 scoring in the class would live to be successful and alive from the college. That would be crazy, amirite?

Finally something that could motivate me to study more.

Christina Hendricks is a "real woman"

As opposed to a real horse?

Famales have a tougher lives than males. This is coming from a male and I believe this to be true.

Whenever I read arguments about this, the only point I hear from guys is "well at least you don't get boners in public!!1" so I would agree that in general, females have it harder than males. Obviously not true for everyone, but I'd say for most.

The guys Taylor Swift dates must get paid for the hit songs they give her. or else why would they date her? amirite?

I would definitely date her if I was a guy.

It's sad, pathetic, and hilarious that when my ex-husband met his current wife and she asked for his picture, he gave her a cropped version of one we had made together, which eventually hung on their mantle, amirite?

Why is it hilarious though?

Someone can memorize the sentence "the ball is blue," but if they don't understand what it means, he or she is unable to answer the question "what color is the ball?," amirite?

True. I memorised a page for my biology test but was rubbish at the test because of this idea. ;-;

The worst symptom of having a hangover or being sick is definitely vomitting, amirite?
@Wunderscore I think the feeling of nausea is worse than actually throwing up

Depends where you are...if I had work when I had a hangover I'd rather feel sick than actually be sick in front of all the customers.

The world WAS created 6000 years ago. It says so in the Bible. NEVER doubt His words! amirite?


Creepers, eh

Introverts & Extroverts: Most people are actually BOTH, depending on their surroundings, amirite?

I think I'm both.
I love parties and talking to new people at them and I like being with big groups of people at break etc. Buttt I love being alone too and never really get bored on my own. Most of the time I wouldn't go and talk to someone first and I'm always the quiet ones in groups/class.

I think it completely depends on the atmosphere/people you're with. For me, anyway.

Going grocery shopping during the day feels like a chore... but if it's midnight or later, it feels really relaxing for some reason amirite?
@bojadada I actually like it sometimes hehe

I love being able to choose the food we have, I'll purposely go out grocery shopping when I'm bored ehe

Some songs INCREDIBLY inspire you and you feel on top of the world when you're listening them, amirite?

Keep Your Head Up by Ben Howard. It never fails to make me happy when I feel like crap.

If you had a chance to study abroad, would you wanna do it?

I so badly want to study in America. And then live there. ;-;

Just because someone is living at a poverty level income, doesn't mean they should be allowed to sit around at home and walk to the mailbox for their weekly drug money. People should not be given money by the government unless they are disabled or elderly. Period. Otherwise, get a job. Amirite?

I think that if they're on welfare then they should have to do volunteering/some kind of community service until they get a job and can come off of the welfare.