The girl who ran away with her Math teacher didn't want an A+, she wanted the D, amirite?

And it was legal because they did it in France. Sneaky.

Its unfair how if a fat girl posts a picture of herself in her underwear saying how she loves her body, she's proud of how she looks, etc. She gets comments about how 'brave' and 'real' she is but if a skinny girl does the exact same thing she gets called an attention whore, amirite?

Maybe all types of girls should just stop posting pictures of themselves in their underwear...

"Our marriage is a celebration of equality in our relationship forever and therefore our child's last name will definitely be hyphenated with both our names to celebrate feminism because feminism is moving away from sexist traditions. But you still have an obligation to spend 3 months salary on a rock and give it to me for free to satisfy tradition." I think it's fair that when your buying a diamond for no reason other than traditions sake youre buying the right to your child's last name too, amirite?

I just don't get what happens when two people who already have hyphenated names want to get married and want to keep their names. Do they have a quadruple hyphenated name? :x

This generation is the one that has questioned religion the most, and may very likely end religion and faith as we know it for future generations, amirite?

I think it'll slowly fade away but not necessarily just within one generation.

You're planning on being abstinent until marriage, amirite?

I don't think I could deal with the awkwardness of losing it while on my honeymoon. I know we'd love each other and all that, but it'd still probably be painful and not particularly pleasant. I'd rather have it be amazing for my honey moon.

Christina Hendricks is a "real woman"

As opposed to a real horse?

If there class grades for a test were four F's, two D's, seven C's, and five B's, and not a single A, the teacher has not properly prepared them for the test, Amirite?

There are 7 of us in my English class. It's so quiet and slightly awkward.

You were kind of ticked off that, in the Last Airbender movie, they pronounced Sokka and Aang's names wrong but pronounced Zuko's name right, amirite?

I want there to be a remake that's 100x better and more true to the show.

That moment when your friends play 7minutes in heaven or whatever and you're dared to kiss the guy you like, and you guys go to another room or closet or something and you just stand there. And you wanna make a move so badly but you are nervous! And you don't know what to do. That feeling...
Famales have a tougher lives than males. This is coming from a male and I believe this to be true.

Whenever I read arguments about this, the only point I hear from guys is "well at least you don't get boners in public!!1" so I would agree that in general, females have it harder than males. Obviously not true for everyone, but I'd say for most.

Never regret anything. Because at one time, it was exactly what you wanted, amirite?

I regret not working hard enough for amazing grades because bad grades are definitely not what I ever wanted.

It annoys you when people bitch about how they hate their brown eyes. Shut the fuck up, brown eyes can be really pretty and you make others insecure when you say shit like that, amirite?

But brown eyes are so nice...especially accompanied with brown hair.

when you smell something bad and you plug your nose, you're afraid of "tasting" the foul smell when you breathe through your mouth, amirite?

I just refuse to breathe for a while because I don't want to breathe in all those icky air particles. This sounds quite childish but yeah.

Even if you think kids at a certain age shouldn't be dating, it's annoying as hell when people say "lol when your 11 you don't even know what love is." First of all who says you have to love every person you date? And how many of the kids that are dating at 16 or even in their 20's are 'in love', amirite?

It annoys me so much when people are like "you don't know what love is". Who even cares, just let them think they're in love and don't try and piss on their parade. Also I don't see the harm in kids "dating", it's not like they actually do anything. When I was 11 I had a 'boyfriend'. It was completely harmless and I certainly didn't feel ~pressured~ at that age.

Unless you live in the UK*
I'm sure Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish people know the difference too.