"What goes up must come down" applies to gravity, hills, and happiness! amirite?
"don't be alarmed" is what everyone says before telling you something alarming, amirite?

No offence but...

Wigs are technically hats, amirite?

Could hats technically be wigs?

"Son of a bitch" is a common insult but nobody ever says "daughter of a bitch", amirite?

A Bitch is a female dog. The Daughter of a Bitch is a Bitch. Its redundant to call someone a daughter of a bitch, when you can just say bitch

Cold blooded animals are always cold because their just dead inside. amirite?

No, definitely not dead.

Everyone probably holds a lot of world records. amirite?
@I got a black eye from falling on a shopping cart. I think that's a world record

I was the only guy to ever take off his skate and try to stab somebody.

Technically it is too cruel to marinate chicken in her own baby for better taste, amirite?

Humans are not humane

Technically it is too cruel to marinate chicken in her own baby for better taste, amirite?
If dogs could talk it would do wonders for people's self-esteem. Cats would destroy it. amirite?

Cats: "I love you. Let's cuddle ... oh wait, did I just say that? No f you ~slaps~"

Mermaids would have stiff shoulders from having to constantly hold themselves up on land, amirite?

Mermaids would also lay eggs.

General Grievous could play any computer game with himself as long as he has two controllers, amirite?

You need two brains for that

Sometimes it's hard to figure out where the night ends and the day begins. amirite?

4 AM is a good staring point

As a child, you were carried around regularly. One day you were put down, and never picked up again. amirite?
Getting killed by entropy has the lowest probability of death. amirite?

How do you figure that?

Not true. Virgin man donates sperm, virgin woman donates egg, implants them into another virgin woman. 3 virgins create another virgin.