Mirrors don't actually break. They just multiply, amirite?

What is a mirror if you're a vampire?

Lips and anuses have the same type of skin. So wipe your ass softly. amirite?

Yeah and your bum hurts when you poop spicy food so like they're totally the same thing

In every language, even if you don't understand it, it's easy to tell when someone is asking a question, amirite?

Except, like, in California, like, in the valley.

There are no cats in the John wick movies. They only show John interacting with dogs, one wonders about his liking for cats. amirite?

Well, not showing cats does'nt confirms their existence nor it denies it

Uno must be hard to play in Spanish speaking countries. amirite?

No, we just say "uno". That's about all there is to it

Nowadays everything Can run Crysis. amirite?
People who played sims growing up had the potential to became interior designers or psychopaths, amirite?

so many options...

The Toys in Toy Story must have seen Andy jerking off at least once, amirite?
Bird fetus feed us. amirite?

You mean eggs?

Many people may have found out about "Never gonna give you up" through Rick Rolls. amirite?

I know that's the case for me! I'm 30 and only started running into Rick rolls about 8 years ago. That's when I started jumping on the meme train a lot more heavily

The Toys in Toy Story must have seen Andy jerking off at least once, amirite?
@KilljoyX He probably jerked it over Jessie at some point.

God now I can't get that image out of my head, he also probably did it with Bo Peep

Loud farts are your intestines exhaling heavily because they're upset at your choices. amirite?
V looks like a simple drawing of Vagina in front whereas P looks a minimalistic drawing of Penis with balls in sideview. amirite?

And O looks like an ass hole or what a mouth makes during oral

Nowadays everything Can run Crysis. amirite?
@Qrusader Is that the software to clone a drive?

It used to be the software to burn the pc.

Humans are all the same, genetically infantile, v1olent and h0ly. amirite?

This really went down hill after the first comma