About me.

Hi there. I'm Carlson. I was born August 9, 1990.... WAIT STOP.
This isn't match.com.
This is amirite, amirite?

Things I Like: Reading, playing guitar and piano, eating granola, running, amiriting, drawing, writing, making jokes, being right, haunting Vegeta, and not taking things seriously.

Things I Hate: Non-canon, being wrong, being alone, being sick, being broke, being cold, and annoying people.

Dreams I Have: To move to Vancouver, to own a house, to go to college, to somehow be famous, and become a Pokemon master.

Hobbies: [See: "Things I Like"]

Oh, P.S. I'm a ghost. Named Nappa. I'm haunting my bestest buddy Vegeta while I pursue my passion of capturing Pokemon.

That's me and also me in my picture.

I'm a vegetarian. And an Atheist.
But, I don't like to force things down people's throats, if you know what I mean. hello smilie

If you like any of the Things I Like, Things I Hate, share the same Dreams I Have, or have the same Hobbies, you should message me. It's super fun and easy! You might even win the super exclusive "Reply"! :O

Truuninja put me in his profile after I put him in mine, but I think I'll take him out, just because it just doesn't flow. I think he'll get it.