The straightest British teeth in the world are those of Toddlers. amirite?

Oi mate I'll Fucc u up!!!

A $20 pen is a much better gift than a $20 t-shirt, amirite?
@TheSonofHermes I'd rather get a t-shirt than a pen though

Me too, I love a good t-shirt! I get what OP is trying to say but the real point is spend the money on something that the person would actually want.

Sleeping is similar to dying, amirite?

How many times have you died?

A watched pot never boils partially because the lid would need to be off to watch it. amirite?

But it can boil without a lid

You don't fully know how many people have bad breath until you're tall enough to have more face-to-face conversations. amirite?

Not really. You could still smell bad breath even when you're short lol

Loud farts are your intestines exhaling heavily because they're upset at your choices. amirite?
@Iamalgend Are you eating foods high in protein/dairy and spicy?

Good spicy kills the fart bacteria. That greasy garbage you get from Taco Bell is an example of the opposite kind.

We are on the brink of a generation being raised entirely by parents who understand that multiplayer games can't be paused. amirite?

But not there yet... I keep trying to pause my son's Xbox games and it doesn't always work.

On a long enough timeline, every movie turns into a period piece. amirite?

Can't wait to live through the Avengers...

Big Popcorn has brainwashed you to think that popcorn needs to be in their magic bags to turn into their fluffy, decadent product, but it is a lie. Popcorn just does that in the microwave. Put it in a paper bag, it don't even care. amirite?

I am the head of Big Popcorn.

You've already taken the picture they'll use in your obituary/funeral, amirite?
If a sentence begins with if, then it never ends with then. amirite?
Our teeth only turn yellow because of plaque/tarter, so when someone says your teeth is yellow, your teeth are white it's what's covering the teeth that's yellow. amirite?
As kids, we expect the good and are surprised by the bad. As adults, we expect the bad and are surprised by the good. amirite?
Everyone who has ingested dyhydrogen monoxide has a 100% chance of death, amirite?

That's why it's DIEhydrogen monoxide

@Ggezpzmuppy And potentially more fatal.

I just meant like, isn't part of the excitement of public sex the threat of getting caught?