Battery sizes are a lot like bra sizes, amirite?

Yep. AA, AAA, and 9 volt.

You know at least one person who actually pays attention to the "Left" and "Right" labels on their earbuds, amirite?

Yeah. Me. Otherwise they just don't feel right...

If the last Harry Potter movie does not follow the book, you're going to pissed. Amirite?
@JoleenNichole Please don't litter this post with non Harry Potter comments. Thank you.

Fair enough; we all know HP is WAY better than the title previously mentioned.

Theatre Geeks: It's depressing when the cast list goes out and all your friends got the exact parts they wanted and is jumping around all excited, and you find out you're stuck in the chorus. Amirite?

Do I sniff a wiff of jealousy, my dear? (Take note: I DO know that jealousy starts with a j and not a g. Promise.)

If you were a 10-year-old who got your Pottermore email on the day you turned 11, that would totally make your year. amirite?
In the 1950's film The Wizard of Oz, the intro where Dorothy finds herself in a new town were a society of midgets. I have never seen so many midget actors in one gathering, amirite?

Oz came out in the '30's...Unless you know something I don't or you're talking about some other Wizard of Oz, of course.

If you were born in the late '90's, it's kind of mind-boggling to think that you were part of the last group of kids born in the 20th century. amirite?
@You're not really the last kids... there were about 3.8 million babies born in the US alone in 1999.

Yes, I realized that when I was writing the post. I was going to say something along the lines of: being the last kids born(...). But that sounds like you were last born in your family or one of the last kids ever to be born or something. I realize there are millions of us.

Old MacDonald had a farm. Ei-i-ei-i-o. So what animal makes that sound? amirite?
@jen I think you have too many I's in there... o.e "E-I-E-I-O"

Oh, okay! Thanks! I guess I was thinking of e-i as just ei, ya know?

The ultimate dream for us AVPM/S fans? Meeting the cast. amirite?
@OnePenguin Some of us fulfilled that ultimate dream.

(Lol, jk, that'd be CREEEEEEPY!) BUT STILL!

Rihanna makes you wonder: what does sex smell like? amirite?

Oh well, thank for that...I think. That was a rhetorical amirite though, FYI. But...thanks for telling me that...?

Despite popular belief, glasses are not a fashion statement. They are a nuisance (in the rain) designed to help people see, not make you look better. amirite?
Umbridge will rip your perky little boobs off, amirite?

"Except for you, Cho Chang. You don't gotta do a God damned thing." Haha! I LOVE Umbridge! Almost as mush as Draco! AHH! AVPM/S!!!

You know you're old when there's not enough candles in one pack, amirite?

That's when you buy more!

iCarly's okay, but The Amanda Show was better, amirite?
It's a real shame that Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz divorced. They made a great couple. amirite?
@fuckoffwhore apparently not as great as you think.

Yeah, I know. I think it's a shame and I wasn't even alive! They're really cute together onscreen.