Battery sizes are a lot like bra sizes, amirite?

Yep. AA, AAA, and 9 volt.

Despite popular belief, glasses are not a fashion statement. They are a nuisance (in the rain) designed to help people see, not make you look better. amirite?

I understand picking cute looking glasses to wear, but just using them for fashion, rather than seeing, doesn't make sense.

There should be blueberry, strawberry, cherry, and lime M&Ms, amirite?

Heyy! Wouldn't you know it? That's already been done!
Ever heard of Skittles?

If the last Harry Potter movie does not follow the book, you're going to pissed. Amirite?

Pissed is not the word. The correct term either doesn't exist or is not for this site. But I don't know...They already messed up Harry and Ginny's kissing scene! Gah! Well, at least they're not pulling a Percy Jackson and hiring a 23-year-old to play some radom first year who dies...amirite?

Girls, You wish chivalry was the next newest trend, amirite?
@armtheangels Because the strain on her arm from pulling one of those stiff Corolla handles might be too much for her to handle?

No. I don't think women are weak or anything. (Hell, I'm one myself and I'm perfectly capable of opening doors myself!) But it is a NICE thing to do. It doesn't say the guy thinks the girl can't do anything for herself. It says he cares and is willing to help out, to be CHIVALROUS. Same thing with pulling a chair out for a lady. It's to be nice, it's not saying they can't do anything for themselves.

You know you're wasting your life on the Internet when you keep coming back to the same sites because you can't think of anything else to do. amirite?
@GThom I feel like you're spying on me....

Haha. If I'm spying on you, I'm spying on myself, too. I come on here and FB like 10000+ times everyday hoping for something new!

You know you're a true kid of the '90's when you had a portable CD player before you had an iPod. amirite?
@Simon I had a tape player, then a portable CD player, then an iPod.

I have a boombox (it's a boombox for me, not a CD player or whatever), and I remember when I bought my portable CD player, it cost me $12 total, payed for it all by myself, and I got a Hilary Duff CD with it. Got it on a Friday after school. So proud. :)

If you were a 10-year-old who got your Pottermore email on the day you turned 11, that would totally make your year. amirite?
Umbridge will rip your perky little boobs off, amirite?

"Except for you, Cho Chang. You don't gotta do a God damned thing." Haha! I LOVE Umbridge! Almost as mush as Draco! AHH! AVPM/S!!!

Gay marriage should be legal, amirite?
<em>Authors note: This is for a report and I'd appreciate it if you could give me reasons why you think it should be legal in the comments. If I use your ideas you will be cited in my report.</em>

Other species are just as intelligent as ours, only in different ways. Can you survive in the wild only eating bugs and LIKE it? Can you swallow an animal full and not choke? It's survival skills, but it's intelligent and we sure as hell can't do it!

If we wanted our alarm clocks to actually get us out of bed we would put them across the room - not within reach of the snooze button, amirite?

guilty as charged. mine's all the way across the room and I still get up just to reset it and go back to sleep. :)

It's not fair when all your friends got their final Pottermore email and you didn't. amirite?
@aardvarkkedavra i just checked mine again. 1 unread. it was amirite -.-

I'm not happy right now. I had 1 too. 21 questions. Another game I don't play. grumbles

The hero doesn't need the backstory of why you want to rule the world. He's tied up. Just hit the button and run before he has a chance to escape, amirite?

Then you wouldn't have amazing 'villians' like Doofenshmirtz!

You feel old knowing that Brenda Song is pregnant. amirite?

is out of the loop

Girls: you dread using a hair dryer when it's hot out, amirite?

Which is why letting your hair naturally dry comes in handy. It DOES exist. And it's much better for your hair...