I am curious to know the average age of people on this site. If you are older than the current vote, vote it up. If you are younger, vote it down. This'll be a good experiment, amirite?

It's funny to see a POTD with a score of only around +16

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire should be renamed Harry Potter and the Year Nobody Got a Haircut, amirite?

This post just made my day!

Your stupid if you mix up you're and your, amirite?

I see what you did there...

Even when you don't eat it with actual spaghetti pasta, you still call the dish 'spaghetti', amirite?
@I_did_it_in_a_tree As an italian family, we're specific with what we call our dishes.

So.... let's say you had spaghetti sauce on fusili pasta. I'm saying that I would call that spaghetti still, what would you call it?

You remember those classic commercials where people sang, "Give me a break, give me a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat Bar!", amirite?

Got a chocolatey coating...

X is bigger "THAN" y, not x is bigger "THEN" y. Please get it right, amirite?

Perhaps you should check your grammer on a post ABOUT grammar.

It would be so cool if you could order a gigantic cheeto that you could cut up and serve to everyone, amirite?

When I read this I thought 'what if there were super thick chips that you could cut and serve?' but then I realized that would be a potato.

Seniors: You can't wait for college... but you don't want high school to end. amirite?

When I first read this I thought you meant seniors as in the elderly and I was like whattt?

A lot of female celebrities have really boyish names...BLAKE Lively, DREW Barrymore, BRYCE Dallas Howard, just to name a few. amirite?


You were born this way, amirite?

Pretty much, yeah

Someone can look at somethng all day and never really see it. amirite?

sort of like the "i" in "something".

Best thing about amirite is that people don't post song lyrics every five seconds , amirite?

But in the end it doesn't even matter.

When the person you're in love with starts dating someone else, it feels like the whole world just came crashing down, amirite?

That's when you put "Teardrops on my Guitar" on and let all your tears out.

There are some movies that make you cry no matter how many times you've seen them, amirite?

Titanic and The Notebook are mine.

It'd be awesome if they had seedless cherries like they do seedless grapes, amirite?