About me.

The names Sarah :D
ArmtheAngels = Harry
Harry = Boyfriend
I love him!
I made this because he wanted me to. I dunno what I'm doing.
Quick run down: I'm weird, crazy, silly, I dye my hair fun colors (my hair is now officially 6 colors, only 1 of which is natural). I like to write stories and poems, make mosaics, color, take pictures, and read (I'm a book worm!). I am like this really nerdy girl, but they are the best :D and I'm super short. Harry is almost a foot taller than me (and believe it or not I'm a grade above him). Hehe!
Oh and I'm obsessed with Invader Zim! I also love Adventure Time and Regular Show. I am a loser. (:
I'm sad that this website won't let me put emoticon hearts in this bio.
I'm done talking because if i keep going I'll never shut up.