You get a little disappointed when you go to the movies with somebody else and they don't buy popcorn or soda, amirite?

Or when you do and they eat all yours the whole time.... friggin obnoxious

Why are they killing solders in Afghanistan? Imagine a little Afghan village with a group of poor people. They only have one TV set in the whole village and they never get informed of anything big. Now imagine a big ass tank going through their village with a bunch of big men in green uniforms with guns. You would definitely assume they are taking over and fight back, amirite?

If you feel so bad for them, then go live there. :/

Even if the 90s were "the best decade" with the "best" cartoons, the "best" music, and the "best" vibe, it spawned a horde of rabidly nostalgic children who let their own hubris get in the way of acknowledging the strong points of other decades, amirite?

Screw that, 90's forever.

It sucks when a TV couple has a baby. Because then the show isn't about the couple anymore, it cycles around the child - and that's boring, amirite?

Not on Reba;D Elizabeth and Henry were in and out but mostly not there

When you say "Thankyou!" and everyone else says it after you, you feel like they piggy-backed on your gratitude, amirite?
If you had a 10 dollar bill, and your friend had 10 ones, you would feel a whole lot less cool than the other person, amirite?

No id feel like my friend is a stripper

Guys: we are not all shallow and all about sex, we actually can be really deep and thoughtfull and genuinely care about others, amirite?

20 bucks a chick wrote this

'Fine' is possibly the most passive aggressive word there is, amirite?


You didn't know the person who played Bubbles on "The Powerpuff Girls" also played Timmy Turner on "The Fairly Odd Parents.", amirite?
When your eating something hot, you can blow on it as much as you want, but you know when u put it in your mouth its still gonna hurt like heck. amirite?

beat me to it! :p

Regret: Realizing that the "cut" option is right next to "copy", amirite?
@whoo @iCantLetYouGo: That doesn't even remotely matter if the information you meant to copy is accidentally cut...

When you cut something it still copys it, it just also removes it from the place it was before...

You occaisionally have these immense philosophical insights where you re-evaluate your entire believe system and opinions on things, and then just carry on with what you were doing before, amirite?

"believe system"? <- couldn't resist.

At least once you have had a lucid dream, amirite?

I know! I know every time I'm dreaming, and I have since I was little :/ Probably because I have a nightmare disorder so without it I might go ...more insane than I already am, haha.:)

You liked Dwayne the 'Whatever' guy from Full House, amirite?

And then when DJ asks him if thats all he says, "I guess..."

You fist pump in church when your favourite hymn comes on, amirite?

Im a christian and this literally made me crack up laughing, thank you for the homework-breaking enjoyable moment:)